My latest story…

Published 28/08/2012 by leannecrabtree

I put my stories onto a website called under the username lscc  first to see what people think of them. If they like them i make them available on amazon (and shortly Smashwords).

I’m working on a story at the minute where the main character, Hugh, meets the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen on his way home from work–after she stumbles out of a car–and she propositions him. He’s stunned to say the least. Why’s such a pretty girl prostituting when she could probably have anyone she wanted? He turns her down and walks away but is unable to forget her sparkling green eyes and perfect bow mouth…or her smooth skin.

It’s safe to say they meet again and things progress from there…

I’ve uploaded the first two chapters onto the above site and they should be appearing shortly… hope you enjoy ;D


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