Feedback for older stories

Published 11/09/2012 by leannecrabtree

I’ve been getting a bit of feedback for older stories I’ve done saying that i should revisit the characters and write about other people:

“I love your stories especially the 4 dancers. Please post Zoe’s and Jaime’s stories. I want to believe that Jaime got her happily ever after as Ashlee and Dora did since Jaime was the first one to admit that she was in love in the first place. Thanks and keep them coming!!”


“I liked your story Her Daughter’s Fiance. Just wanted to say it would be more nice if you write about what happened to Bryony and her life, then the life of Angel and a unique way of reuniting the family with happy ending 🙂 it will be different.”

Well it’s safe to say they now have me scrabbling for good plotlines for these new stories. Jaime and Zoe’s are fairly easy to do but Bryony’s a bit more awkward because she was a spoilt brat…but I’ll definitely try something.


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