Writers Block

Published 20/09/2012 by leannecrabtree

I think it’s fairly safe to say i have my usual case of writers block after finishing Hugh & Brooke.

I open the document and dont actually write anything all day just occasionally go back to it, read some, think about it, and then shut it before bed.

 It happens to me everytime i finish a story.

I might start on a new plot (or continue one) but it hits a dead end after about 30-50 lines and drives me insane.

I do seem to eventually get my groove back but it takes me a couple of weeks and it’s never aimed at just one, i feel i have to do a bit on each of them–which at the moment is about 30 :S–and usually one does come out on top.

Just hope it doesnt take too long…



2 comments on “Writers Block

  • Hang in there! I find reading other people’s books or watching movies in a similar genre give me a creative boost to keep going. All the best with your writing 🙂

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