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Published 26/10/2012 by leannecrabtree

Finally finished “Masquerade”, though it is now called “The Party Planner”.

Twelve chapters and an epilogue.

I’ve uploaded it to Short-Fiction and hopefully it will be appearing in the next few days for people to enjoy. So glad i finished it.


Total end word count: 24,570/ 48 pages

Will now probably be concentrating on “The Concubine” but as you know by now, I’m prone to changing my mind.

Ciao for now 😛

Published 24/10/2012 by leannecrabtree

Chapter 11 nearly done now and then i think one more after that and maybe an epilogue to finish and the story will be done.

Just need to give it a full read to see if it flows well and isnt too boring in places and then i’ll upload it to Short Fiction and see what people think.

Word count: 21,426/ 42 pages

Plot updates

Published 22/10/2012 by leannecrabtree

Well over the weekend i concentrated on “The Concubine” and wrote about 5/6 pages in my notebook (A5 size) and it’s going good, will be transferring that to my laptop soon and will probably add some more stuff to it when i do to flesh it out a bit more.

“Masquerade” wise, chapter 9 is almost done and began work on chapter 10 since i know what direction it’s going to go, so im happy with that. Have a feeling it will be done within the next week or so, hopefully before i go on holiday.

Word count: 17, 141/ 33 pages

I’ve been conc…

Published 16/10/2012 by leannecrabtree

I’ve been concentrating on Masquerade for the past day or so and chapter 8 is half done. I’ve decided to ignore the prologue (as it doesnt happen before the story, but during) and will use it as part of a later chapter.

I’m qute giddy about it too because it’s turning into the longest story i’ve written. I just hope people enjoy it when i finish it.

Word count: 14,840/ 29 A4 pages

Think I’ll go back to The Concubine after and maybe try and do “the shifter romance” or the “spy-y romance”.

Ciao for now 😀


Published 12/10/2012 by leannecrabtree

Well now I’ve gone back to Masquerade–though i think i may have to change it’s name because there’s only one masquerade party and that’s at the beginning–mainly because it’s nearly finished and for my fans on SF, who i need to inform om my blog on here and my facebook page :/

As for The Concubine, I’m working on that in my notebook again as it seems to flow easier onto the page than onto the computer.

And Ruby…well thats on a slow burn at the minute, i keep adding bits but i have a feeing it may take a bit of time for me to get into because it’s not quite my writing style but I’m sure that if i gave it all my attention it could go well…

I might even end up going back to an older story or start a new one yet, seems im still undecided…

Can’t make my mind up…

Published 09/10/2012 by leannecrabtree

I keep going between stories, first it was “Masquerade”, then the “Ruby” thing (the hotter story i mentioned the other day) and now I’ve gone back to “The Concubine”, which i started a while ago in one of my many notebooks and which for some reason i was dreaming about last night.

I just cant seem to pick a story to focus on.

“The Concubine” is an interesting one though. It’s modern but set in a world where it’s old fashioned (if you get what i mean).

It’s set in the land of Aluna. There’s a village on the outskirts of the castle, which is run by a rather evil King and his son–who i will point out is nowhere near as evil as his dad.

Anyway, the lead character Tammy has had to grow up quick after the death of her mother five years earlier. She’s had to look after her younger brother and at the same time learn to keep them safe from outside sources. She’s become good at hand to hand combat and has even killed a man in self defense.

One day she wakes up to find her brother is missing. She goes for a walk in the village and learns from a friend that her brother has been arrested for the murder of Nathanial Cross, a friend of the Prince’s and an evil man who gets off on raping and torturing those poorer than him.

There is not a chance in hell that Ellis was the murderer and Tammy sneaks into the Prince’s chambers late one night to tell him as much.

Well, the Prince becomes captivated by the woman who dared to threaten him and seeks her out in the village the next morning and amanages to find her after bribing a particular villager.

It’s safe to say she’s not pleased to see him.

Tammy will spend the month with the man if he’ll set her brother free…before they spend their first night together…


If it doesnt work out i think i might cry   😦