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Published 13/11/2012 by leannecrabtree

I love as a site because it allows you to post your stories and for people to send you feedback for it. There is nothing better than receiving good feedback for your stories, knowing people like them, that they cant wait for the next part.

The only problem i do have with it is that it can be anonymous…I want to talk to these people who like my work, to ask them what they liked, what they didnt if they didnt like something.

Earlier i received feedback for chapter 12 of the party planner saying “it was beautiful”. It’s lovely to hear but I’d like to know why they thought that. Was there a certain bit that they could relate to?

It irks a bit but i suppose i can live with it…especially when their are a few who actually put their email addresses in and i can talk to them 😛

Ruby again

Published 13/11/2012 by leannecrabtree

Well i’ve been working on Ruby again and the second part/story is almost done–a crazy hook up/threesome, but not quite–and story three where it changes from just sex to feelings is going well as well…not sure what chapter/part 4 is going to be about yet but everything turns out good in the end.


I’ve added a bit of part 1 to the excerpts page above


Published 13/11/2012 by leannecrabtree

Well off to Vegas tomorrow and i’m sure i’ll be able to find a lot of inspiration for my stories, I’m even taking my trusty notebook where The Concubine and Ruby are being written. Might even get an idea for something else…eeeh, cant wait now 😀