Published 23/11/2012 by leannecrabtree

Once a week or there about i go and see a woman at a place to try and get you into work–they dont seem to realise i already have a part time job–and she’s…different? shall we say.

I’ve explained to her about my stories and now she seems determined to try and get them published for me. I’m unsure about it myself as i dont feel they’re particularly good enough or long enough put she’s put me to the task of researching into local publishing houses and has even asked if i would ever illustrate the front covers of my books…

I may have used Photoshop when i was at college but i’ve rarely used it since then and it’s rather hard to think of what to put on the cover of “Her Daughter’s Fiancé” (it’s the only one without a cover) anyway so i’m not sure about that either…

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