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Ruby – Story 3

Published 18/12/2012 by leannecrabtree

I uploaded part 3 of Ruby to SF yesterday. Should be up online in the next few days.

Part 4 is about a third done…I’m still unsure how to end it–keep it as just lovers or to go the whole marry me route.

Might base it around Christmas or New Year to tie in with the time of year. It could be fun now i come to think of it…I’ll have to see where it goes though…


We’ll have to see which story i work on next…I’ll need to read through my current ones and see if they flow well enough for more of the plot to come to me. If they dont, well, i might start something new

Ciao for now 😀

I Have to Admit…

Published 10/12/2012 by leannecrabtree

…I havent really been writing much the past couple of days with all the fuss of Christmas i.e. ordering things and them not coming!! But then again, i think they were coming from America, so i should really give it a few more days yet.

I’m currently reading a short story called “Vampire for Christmas” by Felicity Heaton and it’s inspiring me to write one like it–not for Christmas because I’d have no chance of getting it done in time but along the same lines but different obviously.

Ruby part 3 is nearly done so that will be up on SF soon but since i’m not getting much feedback im not sure how it’s going down with the readers…

I’m also attempting to do “London” which will be the third part in the four dancers series but it’s slow going at the minute.  Part 4 will be Moscow, i think.

I did a few more paragraphs in the *Shifter Romance* too. If I’m honest, I’m sure that story could go for a long time but I think I’ll try and keep to the usual twelve chapters. Thinking on it now, it could turn into a series…Misha and Brent…hmm… Tito and some woman that comes into the series in the second one….

Anyhow, ciao for now 😀

Its seems…

Published 04/12/2012 by leannecrabtree

It seems Ruby went up online yesterday at some point.

I had one feedback for it when i checked my email this morning and that person enjoyed it so i think I’m going to upload the second of the four points, hope they like that one as much as the first… And then work on finishing parts 3 and 4.

Then work on the others on my “in progress” list above. Hopefully they’ll flow like Ruby is at the minute and I’ll get another finished before Christmas

Ciao for now 😀