Neglecting my writing (or in other words Procrastinating as usual)

Published 12/03/2013 by leannecrabtree

I havent written a thing in days and as bad as i feel about that, I will admit to you that i had become obsessed with Karen Marie Moning’s MacKayla Lane series and finished it only last night after reading all five books in as many days–I literally did nothing but devour the books on my Kindle (and fall in love with Jericho Barrons by the end (of course–it’s impossible not to)).

Anyway, I’ll admit i become emotionally invested in the books i read. I want the couple to get together and live happily ever after because in books, anything can happen.

I’d love for my readers to feel that way about my characters.

So, I’m going to read through my story; all ten and a bit chapters and see how well it flows, if the relationship is realistic, and whether all the main characters are as likable or unlikable.

It seems a bit late now considering i’ve already put up the first five chapters but i wrote the first five at the same time so they should flow rather well, it’s the later ones im bothered about.


I’m also going to start doing videos for my other books and will be putting them on my Goodreads profile:


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