Book Review – Soul Stripper

Published 17/05/2013 by leannecrabtree


Name: Soul Stripper

Author: Katana Collins

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Erotica, Mystery

Release Date: 28th May 2013

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I’ll start by saying I love the name and cover of this book. They are so fitting of the story.

Then: Wow. I have literally just finished reading this and I’m impressed.

In a way it reminded me of Richelle Mead’s “Georgina Kincaid” series with the succubus and not wanting to sleep with the good guy but in other ways it didn’t.

It tells the story of Monica, a succubus–barista by day, stripper by night–who used to be an angel but fell when she was seduced by a vampire. She is a very likable succubus and there are a lot of people who care about her and try to help protect her from someone who has been murdering other succubi in Sin City/Las Vegas.

The storyline was both interesting and fun and I found myself needing to keep reading so I could find out who was killing the other succubi and I have to admit I wasn’t disappointed–though I did guess half right.

I enjoyed it enough to keep reading the series and will look forward to the next book when it is released later in the year.

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