Book Review – Deeper We Fall

Published 28/05/2013 by leannecrabtree


Name: Deeper We Fall

Author: Chelsea M. Cameron

Genre: New Adult, Romance

Release Date: 23rd January 2013

Rating: 3½ out of 5 stars

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.


This book tells the story of Charlotte – A.K.A Hottie Lottie/Lottie – and she’s struggling to forgive herself and others for the accident two years ago that left her friend with brain damage. The other people she blames are Zach and Alexander “Zan” Parker who were both drunk and in the car when the crash happened. On arriving at college, she finds out her room-mate is dating Zach and then bumps into Zan on Campus a while later. Lottie doesn’t take it well, them being there, and looks to her twin brother and friends for support. The plot then thickens abit when we start seeing things from Zan’s point of view and things get interesting…but I’m not going to spoil it by telling you what happens in the end.

Anyway. This is my first book by the author and though I have her “My Favourite Mistake” on my amazon wishlist I haven’t got around to buying it yet.

For me, this started good. We understood her animosity to the brothers and everything and we could see for ourselves how much of an arse Zach was while Zan was a man of few words and dark, bottomless eyes. I just didn’t quite seem to catch the bit where her feelings changed. Yeah, we as the reader knew that Zan wasn’t so bad and he may have done stupid things in the past but he’s changed now, but when did Lottie figure it out because she never really gave him a chance to talk to her?

That being said, I did like the characters (though there are quite a few by the end and I got confused a bit between Audrey and Trish). On the other hand, Lottie and her twin brother Will’s “twindar” was very impressive. If that really happens when you have a twin, I am impressed and wish I had one. I really liked Stryker too, he seemed like a chilled out kind of guy who could talk a lot of sense, I wish I had a friend like him. Looking forward to his and Katie’s story when it’s released.

It was quite a sweet story when they finally got together and the bad guy got his comeuppance in the end.


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