On with the next

Published 12/06/2013 by leannecrabtree

So today I’m going to try and finish the first chapter of my second book in the “Shifter Romance Novella” series (*Shifter Romance* now called “Cat’s Wolf” being book 1). I haven’t really thought about a plot but I have wrote notes on what I want the first chapter to go like. All of about 6 sentences.

I admit I have a weird way of working!

It’s going to be based on Brent and Misha and if I’m going to called it “Wolf Claimed” then I really need to think this one out. How is he going to claim her? Sexually? As his? Both?

I also need to bring Tito back into it since he never reappeared in the first…I’ll admit I forgot about him :/ Let’s say he went and licked his wounds from the ass-whooping he received from Rhys??

Maybe get Raoul to appear and figure out who he was working for…

And maybe Shanae could be in Rhys’ pack now having left the main one…and be my third story??


Well as you’ve probably gathered, I haven’t thought this through at all so it may take me a while to write–another 6/7 months like the last one?


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