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Published 23/06/2013 by leannecrabtree

So I’ve been scanning my reviews on Amazon and GoodReads and I’ve seen that someone wants to know what happened before Cat’s Wolf, i.e. why the cat’s and wolves are enemies, and someone wants more of Kaitlin and Rhys. So maybe I could do a 0.5 and a 1.5?

I have just written a little starter of what 0.5 could be and it’s from Paul Mahone’s viewpoint. This is what I’ve got so far (baring in mind I have literally just wrote it):

Paul Mahone bowed his head in deference to his leader, Jonah, but his jaguar rebelled against the movement. Both he and the cat knew he could take the older man if he wanted to. But no, he had another plan.
The other man was getting old and weak in his decision making. He was making the cat’s look soft. Something he and many of the other cat clan members despised.

As you may have gathered, we’re going to like him less now than we did before. We’re going to find out why the cat’s and the wolves are enemies and at who’s hand that happened. I’ve just remembered someone mentioned the mating bond too and how you know they are “the one”. I may even include a bit of little girl Kaitlin and her belief in her daddy. Still undecided on that yet but she will have been born. Therefore Cat’s Wolf will have place about twenty years later.

1.5 will take place between Cat’s Wolf and *Wolf Claimed*, which means it will answer questions as to which you might have had if not for it… Like house hunting (because Rhys’ pack move out of the Crescent Bay and into a huge mansion like house to house them all) and I’m sure more sex (because they’re a very passionate couple and cant resist each other) and more members joining from their old pack.

That’s got me thinking now for book 2. What about Rhys’ old pack leader–cant remember his name, considering I only mentioned him twice near the beginning of book 1–trying to get his old members back and in the process taking Misha thinking she was Kaitlin as a bargaining tool? Hmm…it’s a plot, which is more than I had before. Then Brent could go all domineering wolf trying to get her back. And then when he gets her back, he can claim her! Making *Wolf Claimed* a very suitable name.

Does my logic work? What do we reckon? YAY or NAY?

Book Review – Fire Inside

Published 23/06/2013 by leannecrabtree


Name: Fire Inside

Author: Kristen Ashley

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: 4th June 2013

Rating: 4½ out of 5 stars

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

So this tells the story of Lanie, a woman who has been hanging out with the Chaos motorcycle club for the past eight years or so with her best friend Tyra (Ty-Ty) who had married the head of the club, Tack. Their story was in “Motorcycle Man” in the Dream Man series (which I haven’t read).

At the beginning of the book, Lanie propositions Hopper “Hop” Kincaid to one night of sex and he agrees. The only problem is that one night is not enough for either of them. Before they know it they’re involved in a secret relationship that neither can get enough of. Lanie tries not to let him get too deep in her heart after suffering in the past while Hop is determined to help her overcome her reservations and to make them a couple.

I really, really, really liked this book! The only problem I had was it’s length (I seem to have a thing about really long books where I cant read them all at once and have to break them up with other books). There was something about it that just dragged me in and kept me reading. Maybe it was the way Hopper treated Lanie like a lady, simply because she came from a better background than him but still treated everyone fairly. Or his way of talking and thinking because he talked a lot of sense and did a lot of nice things for Lanie.

He was so easy to fall for.

There were two quotes I really liked:

“Honey,” I called and his head came up. “You have a monster too.”
“I did. My woman just slayed it.”


He lifted his head and looked down at me. “Have it all now, I made a baby outta love.”
He was killing me.
“Stop making me cry and kiss me.”

Both show Hop’s sweeter side and made me all awwwww…

The only downside for me was that this was my first book by Kristen Ashley, even though I have two other books by her on my Kindle, and I hadn’t read the others to understand the back story of Lanie and her relationship with her previous fiancé Elliott.

Please note: It doesn’t take away from the story at all if you haven’t read it, as it is explained throughout Fire Inside but I personally would have liked to read Lanie’s back story first.

Nevertheless, this was an amazing insight into a motorcycle club and a really nice love story. I love it!

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