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Not had much time

Published 28/06/2013 by leannecrabtree

Well I haven’t really had much time to write this past week because I’ve offered to look through Natalie Herzer’s stories for her for any typo’s before she offers them out as Read-it-Review-it titles. I’m probably managing about 30/40 pages in a morning/midday before I have to start getting ready for work in the evening as Fire Marshall/Safety Steward at Rotherham United F.C.

Fingers crossed, I’ll have more time next week and will start implementing my plot in Book 2 of the “Shifter Romance Novella” series.

As for my reviewing, I’m 64% through The Silver Chain and have been invited to review another book:

the sundering

I’m not entirely sure what it’s about because it didn’t explain on NetGalley, so if anyone can fill me on that I’d be grateful 😀

My request for White Trash Beautiful has also been accepted:


I think I just need to take a week or two to read through these ARC’s I’ve been approved for and some others but that probably wont happen for a while yet :/