Changes to #0.5 and #2

Published 02/07/2013 by leannecrabtree

Well I sent off three stories to Natalie the other day(road too…, #0.5 and #2) and we were discussing plotlines and The Shifter Romance ones will be changing.

Instead of #2 running along the same plotline as #1, I’m now going to make #0.5 into a story about Misha having a brother who was also given a wolf as a life mate. His parents gave him an ultimatum and he chose his mate instead of his family, much to their hatred and he is then disowned/cut out and is never mentioned aloud again. This will then play a part of the second book. It will still have the side-plot of Kaitlin’s dad bringing down Jonah.

Book #2 will then be as I put on my previous post with Darren, the other wolf pack leader, wanting his members back and taking Misha thinking she’s Kaitlin and using her a bargaining tool. The Brent can go all crazy dominant wolf getting her back and then claiming her. Might put a reappearance of her brother in it…


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