Published 15/07/2013 by leannecrabtree

Well this is just a little update.

First, it looks like we finally decided on the name Lucca for my Italian character in my backpacking story, with four votes out of seven. Like I mentioned in the post it may not go anywhere, but at the same time it just might ;P

Second, I’m editing Natalie’s second book in The Patroness series, The Hunt Is On, and that will be taking up a fair bit of my time over the next week or so. You should check out the books, they’re good if you like urban fantasy with a bit of romance and mystery. 😀

Third, I’ve come up with something to add to Wolf Claimed that will require another story, which I think will be 0.5–slight change to what it was going to be about–and that will be finished after Wolf Claimed. Not going to spoil it, though I’m not sure if I haven’t mentioned it in a previous post :/

Wolf Claimed’s current word count is: 5,926

Ciao for now 😀


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