The Dark Duet Books

Published 16/07/2013 by leannecrabtree


I know how behind I am reading this but better late than never, right?

I finished reading the first, Captive in the Dark, last night and wowza, what a tale! I cant help wondering how someone can come up with such a story, one that makes you want to hate a character but finding yourself unable to? It’s brilliant and I devoured the book in about 6 hours. It might be rather dark but it’s enthralling.

At 80% and as captivated with the tale as I was I downloaded Seduced in the Dark, the second book, just so I could find out what happened with Livvie/Kitten and Caleb. It’s amazing how one minute you want to kiss him and then the next strangle him for what he’s doing to the poor girl. As I’ve said before it’s enthralling and though you feel for Caleb you also want him to do what’s right.

And I’m almost certain I’ll download Epilogue too 😀

Have you read them?

What did you think?


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