Believe it or not…

Published 16/08/2013 by leannecrabtree

…I’ve started working on Book 3 of the Shifter Romance Novella series. Strange I know, considering I haven’t finished the second one yet, but that’s just how I roll 😛

Yeah, I’ve decided it will be Malachi’s story. He deserves a HEA after being kicked out of the Cat Clan, simply for being a jaguar and the one person who might have been able to beat Paul Mahone in a fight. Well, he beat him anyway in the end, didn’t he?

Anyway, I’ve decided to pair him up with a red-haired, tattooed, kick-ass wolf from Rhys’ pack, who we meet in Wolf Claimed (well, you will be doing when it’s finished and on Amazon ;P). As with the rest it will be from the female’s POV and we see she has just come out of a bad relationship with a fellow clan member and while helping Mal help the Pack they become involved. Once again, I have no real plot, so we’ll have to see where it goes but the guy she was with isn’t a fan of the Cat Clan (that much I have decided) and he doesn’t like the thought of Ruby (that’s her name, btw) with Mal.

Word Counts

Wolf Claimed: 15,227

Untitled Book 3: 1,976

P.S. If you’d like to help me with names, like you did the first two, feel free. Just leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you 😀


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