Bully – Penelope Douglas

Published 02/09/2013 by leannecrabtree

I feel I have to post about this book because I read it until 1:10am this morning just to finish it, it was that good.


My name is Tate. He doesn’t call me that, though. He would never refer to me so informally, if he referred to me at all. No, he’ll barely even speak to me.

But he still won’t leave me alone.

We were best friends once. Then he turned on me and made it his mission to ruin my life. I’ve been humiliated, shut out, and gossiped about all through high school. His pranks and rumors got more sadistic as time wore on, and I made myself sick trying to stay out of his way. I even went to France for a year, just to avoid him.

But I’m done hiding from him now, and there’s no way in hell I’ll allow him to ruin my senior year. He might not have changed, but I have. It’s time to fight back.

I’m not going to let him bully me anymore.

This book grabbed me from early on and it was written in a way that I could easily get into. I was intrigued with how he was going to go from her bully to her boyfriend (come on, you had to guess it would happen, it’s NA after all :P) and I wasn’t disappointed in the least, though you have to wait till the 50% mark for them to even get around to anything in the least bit friendly between them.

I liked that Tatum stood up to him after her year away, not wanting to put up with any more of his sh*t. While Jared went to sneakier means of trying to get to her by using her best friend K.C. Strangely I liked Jared from the start (that first party) though I’m not sure why because he was acting like a right ass and Tatum went up in my expectations that first time she had a go back.

If you’re a fan of New Adult, then this is a must read.




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