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More about my new story

Published 30/09/2013 by leannecrabtree

So, I guess I should explain about the new story I came up with, huh? Well here goes, in full:


The main characters, Paige and Kayden, have known each other for a while but have never been close after Kayden cheated on Paige’s friend, Mandy. Being loyal to her friend she pushed away her attraction to him.

A year later, Mandy and Paige have drifted apart.

At a party, Paige is flirting with another guy when spots Kayden and they get talking. The guy she was originally flirting with doesn’t take too kindly to Kayden encroaching on “his girl” and they get into a fight. Paige manages to drag Kayden away and outside asks him what he was doing. In answer he kisses her and they end up having sex.

The next morning she remembers what he was like before and regrets sleeping with him. Meeting with her best friend, Leah, later that day, she confesses to spending the night with him just as he appears at the coffee shop they are in, and he charms her friend by laying compliments on both of them and then leaving after giving her a kiss goodbye.

Still mindful of what happened between him and her friend, she tries to play it cool and treats the relationship as nothing more than sex whenever they both feel the urge. But then when they agree to meet up one night and he’s late, she’s stumped as to where he is, but when he turns up with another girl on his arm she lashes out as her emotions get the better of her. Storming out, she’s surprised when he turns up at hers a little under an hour later and they do what they do best–sex.

After that the dynamics of their relationship change a little, Paige is still afraid to trust him with her heart but Kayden is determined to win her over.

Leanne Crabtree Copyright 2013


I missed a few bits out but I’m not going to tell you everything or it will spoil it and there will be no point reading it 😀

So it’s definitely going to be erotic romance, because there will be a fair bit of sex in it and I’m really hoping you’ll like the characters, especially Kayden and Paige 🙂