Lindsay Buroker

Published 15/01/2014 by leannecrabtree

I know I normally post about New Adult books and stuff so I thought I’d go for something different today and mention an author I love but who doesn’t seem to be so well known, though she has quite a lot of fans.

Lindsay Buroker.

She writes science-fiction/fantasy with a bit of steampunk thrown in, generally with a touch of humour and romance too. I absolutely adore her work and that’s why I’m writing this post. If you want to check her books out, the first in her Emperor’s Edge series, is permanently free; it’s a full length novel, as is the first in her Flash Gold Chronicles, which are novella length.

emperors edge                      flash gold

Or you can check out her website: to find out more.




5 comments on “Lindsay Buroker

    • I think she deserves a lot more attention for her books. They are brilliant! I’m hoping she’ll write a fourth instalment in her Flash Gold series and that Amaranthe and Sicarius get together somewhere in the next five books of The Emperor’s Edge (I’m only two in but about to start the third as soon as I finish Façade :D)

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