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Published 12/02/2014 by leannecrabtree

…I’m going to post Chapter 2 of Charlotte & Sebastian for you to read. Chapter 1 can be found here if you haven’t read it yet.


Chapter Two


Charlotte stared at the place he’d been sat not two seconds before and sighed. Damn him for confusing the hell out of her! One minute he was winding her up and the next he was gentle and not wanting her to get hurt. Talk about split personality!

Climbing out of the car she shut the door as quietly as possible and locked it before walking on silent feet toward warehouse six, where they had been reliably informed the werewolves were holed up.

Werewolves’ hearing was almost as good as vampires so they’d be able to hear her breathing and heartbeat if she got any closer. Taking note of Sebastian’s advice she crouched in the shadows near the entrance gate and retrieved her guns from the holsters at her thighs and turned off the safeties.

She kept her gaze locked on the warehouse waiting for whatever Sebastian had planned to go down, her guns ready at her sides.

Suddenly she heard shouts from inside and her body tensed for battle. Lifting her guns she aimed at the warehouse, waiting. Seconds later she saw a blur as Sebastian whipped out of the building followed by three large men. They were shouting and growling, their faces masks of fury, as they chased the vampire.

Taking aim she pulled the triggers and both bullets hit their targets but the wolves did little more than slow down. The third turned in her direction and locked gazes with her. A shiver raced down her spine as he began stalking towards her.

Charlotte swallowed noisily and bided her time, waiting for the perfect time to shoot. The man bared bloody teeth and her stomach rolled.

When he was about ten feet away she pulled the triggers. She watched the bullets hit him but he didn’t slow, only flinched, as she emptied the cartridges into him. The gun’s clicked telling her she was out and she swore as he came closer, reaching behind her for new clips.

Fresh meat,” he growled and ran his tongue over his teeth. “Pretty girls always taste better.”

She fumbled getting the clip out of her pocket and began backing away. She wasn’t fast enough doing either and received a hard back handed slap to the cheek, which sent her flying to the floor.

A dark shape flew past her and into the shifter knocking him to the floor. The shape turned out to be Sebastian, his fists a blur as he pummelled the shifter. The wolf let out a howl and Sebastian stepped back, offering her a hand, as the man before them began to shift to his wolf form.

To Charlotte it looked extremely painful as the man’s bones stretched and changed, fur sprouting from his pores and claws extending from the tips of his fingers. It took a mere few seconds and then they were faced with an angry looking wolf the size of the average pony.

Stay back,” Sebastian warned, then launched himself at the wolf.

It lifted a large paw and took a swipe at the vampire but thanks to Sebastian’s enhanced speed he avoided it easily. Then he aimed a swift kick at its other front leg and the animal fell to the floor with a crash that didn’t help its mood one bit.

It howled and then jumped at Sebastian, who evaded it easily, before turning its attention back to Charlotte.

Fear poured through her and she stood there immobile as it lifted a giant paw and swiped at her. In the last second she was pushed out of the way and fell heavily to her knees, a sound of pain and anger splitting the air as Sebastian took the hit instead; four large, deep, slices to his torso that began to bleed profusely.

There was no way she could have survived such an attack.

His eyes flared icy blue and his head whipped around to stare at the werewolf. “You really shouldn’t have done that.” With a snarl he launched himself high over the animal, landing on its back. He gripped either side of its large head and twisted sharply. There was a loud snap and the wolf dropped to the ground, its neck broken.

Seb was breathing hard as he dropped to the ground and pulled a large knife from the inside of his long black coat. With one swift move he’d slashed through the beasts’ neck and Charlotte pressed a hand to her mouth to try and stop her nausea.

There are three women in the warehouse. Two are still alive; very shaken after seeing what happened to the third,” Sebastian said softly.

She nodded, grateful for the distraction. “Are the other two shifters dead?”

He cast her a dark look, his blue eyes blazing, and she took a step back, her palms up. She got the message.

With one last glance, she jogged over to the warehouse door and stepped inside. Her eyes were drawn to the corpse in the middle of the floor and she gagged at the sight of the mutilated young woman.

Her eyes were open and staring blankly in Charlotte’s direction, one of her arms had been pulled off and lay off to the side, flesh hanging off as if the wolves had been in mid-meal when Sebastian had caught their attention.

A low crying sound caught her attention and she turned away from the body, looking for the source of the noise. “You can come out now. I’m here to help you.”

A dark head peered around a large crate, her eyes red from crying. “Are they gone?”

Yes. I’m sorry about your friend but we need to get you out of here.”

The girl came from around the crate, tugging her lighter haired friend with her. The other girl’s eyes landed on her dead friend and she let out a moan of pain. “Come on, Mel, we can’t help her now. We need to go with this woman.”

Charlotte herded them outside and directed them to the car, the ground now free of corpses. She caught sight of Sebastian at the rear of the car, just shutting the boot, and urged the girls to move quicker.

The vampire stayed in the shadows, knowing his eyes would scare them with their unnatural brightness, as Charlotte helped them into the car.

I’ll be right back; I just need to help my partner.”

Walking around the back of the car, she headed over to Sebastian and grabbed his arm but he shrugged her off.

Seb held his bleeding chest, a hiss escaping him with every step. His eyes were icy blue, the more feral side of him taking over as survival took precedence over civility.

Charlotte grabbed his arm to stop him and offered him her wrist. “Take what you need.” He shook his head and pushed past her again. “Look, Seb, I need your help to bring those girls in, so drink. Take what you need so we can calm them down and get them back home.”

She could see he was tempted as his blue eyes watched the pulse beating in her throat. She offered him her wrist again and as he reached out for her hand, her pulse pounding even more erratically than it had from the run.

Suddenly he yanked on her wrist and she crashed into his chest. Charlotte tilted her head back to look at him but he’d buried his face in her throat, his tongue running over the pulse.

Seb?” She asked nervously.

This way will be quicker,” he murmured quietly, “less painful, too.”

She nodded slowly and felt him lightly draw his teeth over her throat, eliciting a shiver from her. His tongue joined in the play and she gasped softly.

I won’t hurt you, Charlotte,” he promised. Then his teeth sunk through her flesh and she gasped again, this time in pain. Her fingers fisted in the material of his black shirt as she fought not to pull away and risk her neck being ripped open. So much for not hurting her! But the pain quickly faded and a pleasant buzz rushed through her.

He let her go a minute later, his lips lightly brushing the incision, and she stumbled back.

Her gaze flew to his and she watched as the icy blue faded from his eyes returning to their original sapphire colour. They locked with hers and she forgot to breathe for a second.

Thank you, Charlotte,” he said quietly.

Swallowing hard, she nodded, her eyes dropping to the slices in his shirt to see healing flesh beneath, and turned to climb in the driver’s side door. Sebastian did the same at human speed and she was grateful for his thoughtfulness so as not to scare the girls some more.

What about our friend?” The dark haired one asked.

Charlotte glanced over her shoulder at them, “We’ll have to ask someone else to come out and collect the body and she’ll be taken to a funeral home ready for a funeral.”

The fairer haired one burst into a fresh round of tears and the other one consoled her.

Turning back to the front, she started the car and set off.

An hour later they arrived back at the Agency and Charlotte helped the girls from the car and inside the building where they’d get help for what they’d seen and been through tonight.

She only wished she could forget it too.

Copyright 2014. Leanne Crabtree.

Book can be found on Goodreads here: and is set for release in April, though this may change.


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