Numbers in Book Titles

Published 10/07/2015 by leannecrabtree

I’ve been a really bad blogger–you’re more likely to find me on Goodreads (I’m there all the time!), Booklikes (not as often as Goodreads) than on here–lately and I know but I feel I have to share this that I’ve just seen on Booklikes:

You’d be surprised how many books have got numbers in the title. I was thinking I’d probably have about 10 out of the 1269 books on my Goodreads but surprisingly it turned out to be more.

I may be cheating a little with this–using first/once/second–but here’s my list:


Another One Bites the Dust
Caught on Camera: Part One
Dark Soul, Vol 1
First Book of Demons
First Debt
First Night
First Grave on the Right
First Three Rules
Hate F@*k: Part One
Heartless: Episode 1
Just One Night
Once Bitten
The One
One Foot in the Grave
One for the Money
One Perfect Summer
One Small Thing
The One that I Want
One to Hold
One True Thing
One Week Girlfriend


Dark Soul, Vol 2
Miranda’s Second Choice
Second Chance Boyfriend
Second Grave on the Left
Texas Two Step
Twice Bitten
Twice Tempted
Two for the Dough
Two Roads
Two Weeks Notice


Dark Soul, Vol 3
Third Grave Dead Ahead
Three Years


Four Corners
Four Score
Fourth Grave Beneath my Feet


The 5th Wave
The Fifth Favor
Fifth Grave Past the Light
Five Dates
Five Miles


Six Brothers
Six of Hearts
Six Ways from Sunday
Sixth Grave on the Edge


Seven Sons
Seven Years
Seventh Grave and No Body


The Ninth Star


Ten Tiny Breaths


Thirteen Weddings


Fifteen Shades (Of Gay for Pay)


Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes


Twenty Nine and a Half Reasons


Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty Shades Darker
Fifty Shades Freed


Prisoner 374215

Total: 59

I may have to start taking part in more challenges on Goodreads in my groups.

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