I can be a TERRIBLE Blogger

Published 15/01/2016 by leannecrabtree

Lately, I’ve been pretty crappy in keeping everyone updated on what’s happening in my world. Truth is, I’ve been busy with work and reading way more than I should if I want to get any writing done. I’ve even had weeks off and done more reading than writing.

But today, luckily for me, the wi-fi connection was out when I put my laptop on so I opened my latest story, currently titled Angry Sex 1 (though it’s real name will be Provoked), put some music on and have just written nearly a 1000 words. To some people this is nothing but to me this is like a miracle. I open the document every day just in case I suddenly think of something awesome to write and generally it’s about 50 words. The internet always manages to drag me away to do something else–mainly book related. Thank God the connection wasn’t there!

Word count upon opening the document today: 20302

Word count now (17:25): 21160

I haven’t even finished my current chapter either, so fingers crossed I can get more down tonight.

I’ve also just been re-reading previous chapters and I have to say I am so proud of what I’ve written so far. It’s much more erotic than my previous books and I can hardly believe some of it came from me–though I did have a little/more than a little help from a friend at work. Cheers, Vicks!

Off to write some more!

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