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One book stalled (for now) but another on a roll

Published 24/03/2016 by leannecrabtree

So at the minute Provoked, my rather erotic romance has stalled, but a possible second book for Charlotte and Sebastian is very much on a roll right now. Admittedly I’ve not long since started it and trying to match up bits from the first book is driving me a little mad BUT I  think it could be good if I get the  storyline how I want it.

I just haven’t figured out who her love interest should be yet and whether they are going to be human or vamp but I will say  that even as I’m writing this I’m thinking human and someone who’s  been through the same thing as her… and now I’m not sure anymore. Huh, the joys of being a writer lol.

Well I’m off to carry on. Current word count : 1622