Her Daughter’s Fiance

“You’re looking a little peaky, are you okay?”

Taylor looked up into Shana’s worried face and sighed. “No.”

“What’s up?” Shana sat down and waited for her explanation.

Taylor looked about the club, her gaze landing on the dance floor. That’s where it had happened.

“Taylor?” Her gaze moved back to Shana’s.

“Do you remember a couple of weeks ago, I left here with that guy?”

A grin was slowly spreading across Shana’s face and she raised her eyebrows suggestively. “Yeah, that really hot guy, a bit younger than you. Has he got in touch?”

Taylor let out a little laugh. “You could say that.”

Shana’s face was animated, oblivious to Taylor’s sarcasm. “Tell me! What did he say?”

Taylor stroked the perspiration off her bottle of cider. “You want to know what he said?”

“Of course I do!”

“Mom.” She said simply, a derisive twist to her lips.

Shana’s face was blank with confusion. ”What?”

She raised the bottle to her lips and took a healthy swig, then brought the bottle back down with a thud. “That’s what he said when he saw me.”

Her friends mouth had fallen open in shock.

“You see, the hot guy is called Ethan,” she said neutrally.

“Ethan…?” Shana repeated, recognising the name from somewhere.

“And he’s engaged to Bryony.” She finished.

Shana’s mouth fell open more, if that was possible. “But he…what?…how could?…”

“My thoughts exactly,” she said bitterly.

Shana looked thoughtful for a minute. “Wait, haven’t they been engaged for about a month?”

Taylor glared at her. “Thanks for reminding me.”

Shana held up her hands in a defensive gesture. “All I’m saying is that you only slept with him two weeks ago.” She widened her eyes to get the point across. “Which means that he was engaged when he had sex with you. All you have to do is tell Bryony.”

Elation rose up in Taylor but then she realised she’d have to tell her that it was her he’d cheated on her with and the big dark cloud appeared above her head once more.

She shook her head. “That wont work. I’ll have to tell her it was me he slept with.”

Shana suddenly grinned. “From what you told me, there wasn’t much sleeping involved.” Taylor’s lips twitched but she suppressed the smiled.

“Shana!” She warned but Shana’s gaze was riveted on something over her right shoulder. Taylor turned at the same time as Bryony appeared at her side.

“Bryony!” She said surprised. “What are you doing here?”

Her daughter pointed over her shoulder. “I thought I’d show Ethan what the nightlife’s like around here. He’s getting us all drinks.”

Taylor and Shana’s gazes met. “Actually we were just going, weren’t we Shana?”

Shana didn’t even hesitate, bless her. “Yeah.”

“Oh.” Bryony sounded disappointed and her face fell and despite her fears Taylor would do anything to make her daughter happy, no matter what the cost.

“Alright. We can stay for another drink. Just the one though.” Her gaze dropped to Shana to see she’d raised her eyebrows questioningly.

How could she explain her feelings?

With a sigh, she got up, “I’m going to nip to the little girls room.”

“I’ll join you.” Shana said and followed her into the toilets.

Here comes the interrogation.

Two girls left the bathroom and then they were alone. “What are you doing?” Shana asked heatedly.

Taylor turned to her. “Look! I’m only staying to make Bryony happy, alright?”

Shana searched her eyes and a look of sympathy crossed her face. “You’d do anything to make her happy wouldn’t you? Even give up your own happiness.”

Taylor dropped her gaze to the sinks. “I don’t know what you mean.”

This time it was Shana that sighed. “I wont go so far as to say you love him. But you want him. Ethan.”

“Maybe I do, but why would he want me when he can have, and does have, Bryony?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten he wanted you two weeks ago.”

Tears filled Taylor’s eyes but she glared at her anyway. “It’s all I’ve thought about ever since.”

Leanne Crabtree © 2011

The full story is available on Amazon, just search Leanne Crabtree

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