Wolf Claimed

Misha sat in the window seat of her bedroom looking down into the garden below her. It was autumn and she watched the leaves tumble across the grass in the cool wind.

Her breath fogged up the window and she absently wrote a “B” and drew a love heart around it before watching it disappear, like it had never been. Her lips quirked ironically.


She hadn’t seen him since that night at the hotel before the fallout with Paul Mahone’s imprisonment at Bau, the shifter equivalent of Alcatraz. It had caused huge shockwaves when the head of the council had been proven guilty of many illicit crimes by his own daughter, and Misha’s best friend, Kaitlin.

Misha’s parents hadn’t taken the news so well and she’d been banned from seeing Kaitlin or any of her friend’s wolf pack. That included Brent, since he was Beta of said wolf pack; second only to Rhys who was Kaitlin’s mate.

She missed them both; which was strange considering she’d never really given Brent much of a chance. Sure, they’d shared heated glances and one amazing kiss but what was the point of getting her hopes up when she knew her family were likely to kill him, or herself, for even thinking of such a relationship blossoming between them?

Fate liked to mess with her family. It had played a hand in her older brother’s love life too. Daniel’s mate had also been a wolf, a pretty young red-head who he had met when out patrolling one night.

He’d once told Misha that he’d felt the connection as soon as he’d looked into his mate, Georgia’s, sea green eyes; the feeling of knowing someone without ever having met them; the rightness of just being in the same room as them. Those things had told him she was his mate and he’d blindly followed her all over the city, almost getting himself killed in the process, as he tried to win her over.

When he’d been in the hospital recovering from the wolf attack that had almost cost him his life, Georgia had been by his side. It was only when his parents arrived to check in on him and found her in the room that the shit had hit the proverbial fan. There had been a big screaming fit from both Daniel and his parents before they had given him an ultimatum; his parents or Georgia. Unfortunately for his mum and dad, he’d chosen Georgia, and they had disowned him on the spot, forbidding him to see Misha again.

Misha had been heart-broken at the time at losing her older brother and had blamed Georgia, like her parents had.
That was until she’d felt those same things herself upon seeing Brent for the first time. She’d tried to push him away and ignore her feelings since then but it was no longer working.

Brent hadn’t given up on her though, turning up at various places so they’d have to interact, other times just watching her. She’d never seen him but she’d felt him.

The bonding had started several months ago when they’d first met at a nightclub. The moment she’d lain eyes on him, she’d felt something immense, something that had scared her; even more so when she’d caught his scent.


Her enemy.

She’d panicked and left, leaving Kaitlin behind. Only it had turned out to be a great thing for her friend. She was now in a loving relationship with Rhys and fitting in with the rest of the pack. Separate they’d been strong but together they were formidable and that was how they’d brought down Kaitlin’s father.

Misha sighed and rested her forehead against the cool glass.

Her family were old school and hated that the head of the Council and the cat clan had been brought down by his own family, hence her being unable to see Kaitlin. She hated it but didn’t feel strong enough to voice an objection.

Something hit the window with a soft thud and she jerked back, then moved her face closer again to see what had happened. She gasped softly when she caught sight of Kaitlin stood below her.

“Is she trying to get herself killed?” She muttered quietly, and slid the window up. “What are you doing here?” She hissed.

Leanne Crabtree © 2013

Now available at all Amazon sites: Amazon UK | Amazon US

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