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Not had much time

Published 28/06/2013 by leannecrabtree

Well I haven’t really had much time to write this past week because I’ve offered to look through Natalie Herzer’s stories for her for any typo’s before she offers them out as Read-it-Review-it titles. I’m probably managing about 30/40 pages in a morning/midday before I have to start getting ready for work in the evening as Fire Marshall/Safety Steward at Rotherham United F.C.

Fingers crossed, I’ll have more time next week and will start implementing my plot in Book 2 of the “Shifter Romance Novella” series.

As for my reviewing, I’m 64% through The Silver Chain and have been invited to review another book:

the sundering

I’m not entirely sure what it’s about because it didn’t explain on NetGalley, so if anyone can fill me on that I’d be grateful 😀

My request for White Trash Beautiful has also been accepted:


I think I just need to take a week or two to read through these ARC’s I’ve been approved for and some others but that probably wont happen for a while yet :/

I got an E-mail

Published 24/06/2013 by leannecrabtree

So, I checked my emails about ten minutes ago and I was surprised to see one off NetGalley. They occasionally send you one with new releases on the site. Well this one told me I’d been auto-approved to read this:

the silver chain

It’s my first ever auto-approved book so I was like :O and then I was like I must accept it, even though I hadn’t really read the description properly.

So for once, I am going to read an ARC before it actually comes out, like you’re supposed to. So I am currently reading it (I’ve put Acid on hold).

It sounds very interesting, here’s it’s synopsis:

Bound by passion, she was powerless to resist.

One dark evening in London, photographer Serena Folkes is indulging her impulsive side with a night-time shoot. But someone is watching her – mysterious entrepreneur Gustav Levi. Serena doesn’t know it yet, but this handsome stranger will change her life forever…

Serena is fascinated by Gustav, the enigmatic owner of the Levi Gallery, and she soon feels an irresistible pull of attraction. The interest is mutual, and Gustav promises to launch Serena’s photographic career at his gallery, but only if Serena agrees to become his exclusive companion.

To mark their agreement, Gustav gives Serena a bracelet to wear at all times. Attached to it is a silver chain of which he is the keeper. With the chain Gustav controls Serena physically and symbolically – a sign that she is under his power.

As their passionate relationship intensifies, Gustav’s hold on the silver chain grows stronger. But will Gustav’s dark past tear them apart?

An erotic romance novel perfect for fans of 50 Shades of Grey and Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series. The Silver Chain is the first in the sexy, passionate and addictive Unbreakable Trilogy by Primula Bond.

I will post my review as soon as I finish it! 😀

Back to my Kindle

Published 10/06/2013 by leannecrabtree

So after finishing Dreams of a Dark Warrior earlier on (it was amazing! (Immortals After Dark is such a brilliant series and if you haven’t read them yet, I totally recommend you do; if you like paranormal romance, that is)) I’m going back to my kindle to work through my list of ARC’s again. I was going to read Acid by Emma Pass but the file hasn’t come through and neither has Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley (I’m trying to sort this out) so I’ve rearranged my reading list (see tab “Reading List” above) and I’m going for Faking It by Cora Carmack.

faking it

If you’ve been keeping up with my reviews, you’ll have seen I read Losing It also by Cora Carmack a bit ago and loved it and I have high hopes this will be just as good.

Then I’ll be reading Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover, the second in the Slammed series. The first being Slammed, which I read a while ago. Then there’s a third book, This Girl which I’m going to buy eventually.


After that I’ll be reading a new Urban Fantasy/Shifter series by Amanda Carlson:



By the time I’ve read these, hopefully Acid and Fire Inside will have come through and they will be next on the list 🙂
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Look what’s just arrived!

Published 07/06/2013 by leannecrabtree


Even more books to add to my ever growing pile 😛 (And Love Lust Faith + Dreams by one of my favourite bands, 30 Seconds to Mars!)

I am seriously going to stop downloading/buying books for a while because it is getting kind of ridiculous–nearly 800 to read now–though most are on my kindle (and not filling my already stuffed bedroom with more stuff).

I’ve also received another ARC to read, Gaming for Keeps. It’s fairly short and I’m already 41% into it and will be leaving my review later on when it’s finished.

Gaming for Keeps

More ARC’s

Published 05/06/2013 by leannecrabtree

I’ve received two more ARC’s off NetGalley.

One is Faking It, the follow on to Losing It which I loved. This doesn’t follow Garrick and Bliss but Cade–Bliss’ best friend. If it’s anything like the first, I’m going to fall in love with Cade in the first two chapters and will them on as a couple throughout 😀

faking it

The other is Acid, a young adult dystopian story that sounds interesting.


I’m just starting Through the Ever Night, the second in the Under the Never Sky series by Veronica Rossi and then I’ll be reading Savage Nature and then Dreams of a Dark Warrior before I even attempt these three ARC’s I have. To keep up to date with my reading just check out the “Reading List” tab above or if you’re on GoodReads add me as a friend.

Book Review – Passion Potion

Published 26/05/2013 by leannecrabtree


Name: Passion Potion

Author: Mary Beth Daniels

Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

Release Date: 28th April 2013

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book tells the story of Jet, who has just flunked out of college–in time to receive a call from her father telling her she needs to return home. On the drive back with her dad, he tells her her mother was an enchantress and had agreed to make a forbidden love potion for a dark enchanter. Jet then searches through her mother’s lair looking for the recipe knowing that if she doesn’t find it, they will lose everything. On the journey to making the potion, she finds love, friends and a magical world she never knew existed.

Hmm… I enjoyed this story and the background information you receive as you read further into it. The relationships and interactions between the characters was rather entertaining and I really liked the whole “match” thing. If I’m being honest, I mean I like Caleb and Jet as a “match” or maybe just the reaction they have when they meet their perfect “match”.

The world building was very fantasy-esque with portals in bowls and fairies, edible mushrooms and talking animals but I enjoyed it.

This is the first New Adult book I’ve read that was also of a different genre, in this’ case Paranormal/Fantasy. As a lover of both, I had to read this to see what it was like and I did enjoy it. Some of it seemed a little slow and other bits a little rushed but overall it was a good enjoyable read.


Next review(s): Deeper We Fall