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Thinking of changing the theme…? Plus a WC (Wolf Claimed) update

Published 09/08/2013 by leannecrabtree

I’ve been thinking about changing my theme for a while but I cant decide which one to have, there are so many to choose from (and my internet still doesn’t always like WordPress) so I haven’t seen “live previews” of them all. Any suggestions for what might look good?

And Wolf Claimed’s current word count is: 14,006. Chapter’s 1-5 are complete. Chapter 6 is almost done. Chapter 7 is currently a page long, 8 is done and 9 is also a page long. Chapter 10, you’ve seen in the “Treat for you” post.
I’m getting there, slowly, but it is happening. Hopefully I’ll get it done within the next couple of months and it will be on Amazon around Christmas/New Year time. Maybe earlier, if i really knuckle down. 😀

Ciao for now.

Onto one of those…

Published 12/07/2013 by leannecrabtree

…stages where I just type odd bits that I want to see in future chapters like fights and sex scenes. I then work the rest of the story around it until it all fits together. It’s a weird way or working I know, but it works fairly well for me.

With all the added bits the current work count is: 5541.

We’re getting there slowly 🙂


P.S. Anyone else want to vote on my poll about an Italian name for my male character in another story? Had five votes so far and it seems we cant decide :/

It’s just a little further down my page on the “Which one?” post. Thanks again 😀

I’m giddy!

Published 21/05/2013 by leannecrabtree


I think I may have finished *Shifter Romance*. I have literally just finished writing Chapter 17 and I think it fits quite nicely into 18. 19’s a little short but at almost two pages it’s not so bad. The epilogue has only just been started but I know what I’m going to write in it so does that mean it’s finished? If not actually.


Anyway, I have sent it off to my lovely author friend, Natalie Herzer, for her to read through to see if she likes it and to make sure I haven’t made a big mistake somewhere in it and then I’ll upload the rest of the chapter to here and and then when I get a fitting title in mind I’ll upload it to Amazon and hope people will like it 😀

Word Count as of now (14.25)

Published 08/05/2013 by leannecrabtree


Right, well, I thought I’d include an updated word count to prove I am still working on it but only in tiny increments (if that’s the right word). Chapter 16 is now on it’s third page–woohoo!–and is fitting in nicely, if it did start off a bit slow :/

Anyway, The page count has jumped up a little because I’ve formatted the document a little.

The end chapter may need to be split in two because I’ve been going over it in my head and I missed a lot of things out. I know where I’d split it too. Then I could do an epilogue to make it up to 20 chapters total; I don’t know why but I like an even number of chapters in my stories. Strange, I know, but that’s me 😛

Ending done…now for the rest

Published 30/04/2013 by leannecrabtree

So I’ve just finished writing the ending–it’s a few lines short of four A4 pages–and I’m fairly pleased with it. Now I just have to make Chapter 16 meet up with it somehow, though I do believe there will be at least another chapter in between the two. So that will be 18 chapters in total–a whopping (for me) 67 A4 pages in total. Over 30,000 words. I think that will make this story a novella, but I might be wrong, since it will be my first. 😀

Writing from the end

Published 28/04/2013 by leannecrabtree

Well I was given some advice on Friday of writing the ending now–since I know what I want to happen–and working my way to that instead of struggling my way through Chapter 16, which is what I’m currently doing. I’ve taken the advice to heart and I’m writing the big showdown…eeeh!

I’m hoping it wont be a let down after all the trouble I’ve had of writing it so far and I’m thinking of possible sequels i.e. Misha, maybe Tito–depending on how I end it.

Will be posting Chapter 10 tomorrow I think, though I may have to spread them out a bit after that so you’re not going to be waiting forever for the ending that I’m still in the process of finishing 😀

Started Chapter 15

Published 16/04/2013 by leannecrabtree

Well I’ve started it, I’m about 15 lines in, and at this point in the story, it all starts to unravel. I don’t want to give much away so I’ll not go into detail but at the minute I’m trying to think of a way to bring down the bad guy and I’m struggling a bit. There will be about 20 chapters in all and I think that when I figure this one and the next one out that it will flow smoothly again.


In the meantime while I’m trying to figure it out, I’m working on a few other things. I’m unsure if they’ll work out so I’ll not mention what they’re about.

I’m also reading a lot too–my kindle was the best present ever! Though I still have a good heap of paperbacks to get through too.


I Have to Admit…

Published 10/12/2012 by leannecrabtree

…I havent really been writing much the past couple of days with all the fuss of Christmas i.e. ordering things and them not coming!! But then again, i think they were coming from America, so i should really give it a few more days yet.

I’m currently reading a short story called “Vampire for Christmas” by Felicity Heaton and it’s inspiring me to write one like it–not for Christmas because I’d have no chance of getting it done in time but along the same lines but different obviously.

Ruby part 3 is nearly done so that will be up on SF soon but since i’m not getting much feedback im not sure how it’s going down with the readers…

I’m also attempting to do “London” which will be the third part in the four dancers series but it’s slow going at the minute.  Part 4 will be Moscow, i think.

I did a few more paragraphs in the *Shifter Romance* too. If I’m honest, I’m sure that story could go for a long time but I think I’ll try and keep to the usual twelve chapters. Thinking on it now, it could turn into a series…Misha and Brent…hmm… Tito and some woman that comes into the series in the second one….

Anyhow, ciao for now 😀