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Nightfall by Anne Stuart

Published 21/01/2014 by leannecrabtree


Continuing with reading something other than New Adult, I bought this the other week and it’s been doing a siren call, wanting me to read it. I finally gave in and started it on the 19th and finished this earlier today. And it was GOOD!


This is my fate…to die for unspeakable crimes. All I ask is that a stranger give herself to me and to my secrets.

Richard Tiernan has been sentenced to death. With an ulterior motive and a heart full of dark truths, he agrees to tell all to an ailing writer whose greed and ambition are so strong that he will even give his own daughter to Richard in return for one last Pulitzer-winning story.

I want Cassidy Roarke. I need her. But she has to prove she’s worthy. That she can be trusted.

Cassidy’s spent her life struggling to earn her father’s respect and love. Now his health is failing, and her feelings for him are even more complex. Loyalty is a sacrifice. Daughters can be broken by their fathers. She has to help when he calls. He’s bailed Richard Tiernan out of prison just long enough to coax the shocking facts out of him. What happened that night? What did Tiernan really do to his family?

Her father will sell his soul to the Devil before he dies. So be it.

Richard Tiernan may take them both to Hell.

I was so intrigued with the storyline.

It was done in such a way that it drew you into the mystery surrounding Richard Tiernan and the murder of his wife and disappearance of his two young children. It leaves you questioning your thoughts continuously. One minute, I believed he’d done it, the next not so sure. In my opinion that makes it brilliant.

I found it hard to put down and if I did manage to, I was continually thinking about it, trying to work it all out. I’ve added a screenshot of my updates while reading the book:

nightfallupdatesIt’s a great romantic suspense that leaves you guessing and rather dark in it’s content but I really, really, liked it.

Book Review – A Brutal Tenderness

Published 15/08/2013 by leannecrabtree


Name: A Brutal Tenderness (A Terrible Love, #2)

Author: Marata Eros

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary

Release Date: 26th August 2013

Rating: 3½ out of 5 stars

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

There are two sides to every story. In this dark and sexy companion novel to the New York Times bestseller A Terrible Love, experience the sizzling passion and pulse-pounding suspense through FBI agent Cas Steele’s eyes as he hunts down a psychopath…and falls for the killer’s prey.

Cas has been charged with an unsavory task: manipulate the hauntingly beautiful Jewell MacLeod—a woman he has every reason to hate—and slowly gain her trust in order to use her as bait to lure in a killer. But as the killer draws closer, Cas realizes that he can’t deny the scorching chemistry that ignites between him and Jewell, even if giving into his physical desire for her means jeopardizing his mission…and opening himself up to the possibility of a real and terrible love…

**I would advice you to read A Terrible Love first before reading this as it will all make a lot more sense to you than reading this one first. I reviewed the first book a while ago, you can find the review here**

I think this is the first time I have ever read the second book in a series that tells it from another’s POV. If you don’t know what I mean here’s an example: Hopeless (girl’s POV) and Losing Hope (guy’s POV) by Colleen Hoover… but I have to asmit it was very interesting seeing everything from Cas’ POV.

Well, there’s something about a guy who talks dirty when your in bed with him that I like. And Cas with Jess/Jewell is no exception. I think it’s his dominance that I like so much. He wont take no crap, at all, and he uses his body as a weapon in this; both in a seductive and a fighting way.

The bits we read from the crazy psychopath also know as Jess’/Jewell’s step-brother are weirdly creepy but insightful. We never saw anything from his POV in the first book so that was an interesting change between the two stories.

As was reading about the FBI team who were sent out to keep a watchful eye on her. Seeing the interaction between them when they were at FBI headquarters and how they acted when in close confines with Jess was quite fun. Friends one minute, beating each other up the next.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever read another duet like this, if I’m honest, because it is basically just another version of the first book but from another’s POV (although I do have Walking Disaster in paperback, yet-to-read) with added bits when they disappear from the pages of the other.

But if you like New Adult books then this duet are not to be missed. Sure they’re a little darker compared to others but they are compelling reading. I highly recommend them.

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The Dark Duet Books

Published 16/07/2013 by leannecrabtree


I know how behind I am reading this but better late than never, right?

I finished reading the first, Captive in the Dark, last night and wowza, what a tale! I cant help wondering how someone can come up with such a story, one that makes you want to hate a character but finding yourself unable to? It’s brilliant and I devoured the book in about 6 hours. It might be rather dark but it’s enthralling.

At 80% and as captivated with the tale as I was I downloaded Seduced in the Dark, the second book, just so I could find out what happened with Livvie/Kitten and Caleb. It’s amazing how one minute you want to kiss him and then the next strangle him for what he’s doing to the poor girl. As I’ve said before it’s enthralling and though you feel for Caleb you also want him to do what’s right.

And I’m almost certain I’ll download Epilogue too 😀

Have you read them?

What did you think?

Book Review – A Terrible Love

Published 08/07/2013 by leannecrabtree


Name: A Terrible Love

Author: Marata Eros

Genre: New Adult, Romance

Release Date: 11th February 2013

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I received this copy in exchange for an honest review.

So this tells the story of Jess aka Jewell, a girl on the run from her rather scary step-brother and family. She attends college far from home, wanting to forget the past and her family and to live a normal life. Her best friend Carlie gets her to audition at a prominent ballet audition and she meets Mitch, a fellow student who takes an interest in her. Also there is a dark handsome stranger who also happens to be a fellow student. For some reason Jess is drawn to Devin and they cant deny their attraction but her best friend tells her he’s trouble, so she tries to have a relationship with Mitch despite being drawn to Devin. What follows is a emotional ride for Jess as she tries to decide which one she wants and what she wants.

I was quickly captivated by this story and the characters and quickly devoured this book.

The story has some dark aspects but they are to be expected in most New Adult books. This one is slightly darker than others and focuses on abuse and violence.

I’ll start by mentioning Devin Castile, I think I fell for him pretty early on or he at least got me a little hot and bothered. Wowzer! Well done for creating such a hot character 😀

Mitch on the other hand seemed sweet and kind but their wasn’t really a spark there. He seemed too much of a gentleman (but some women like that).

I also really liked Brad and Carlie, they were fun characters and I enjoyed the banter they shared with Jess.

Although dark, this is a well written book and having looked on GoodReads I’ve seen their is going to be a second book, A Brutal Tenderness, which sounds like it will tell the story from Devin’s POV. I’ll tell you now I will definitely be interested in seeing things from his view and I’ve marked it as “to-read”.

I really enjoyed it and recommend it to those who like New Adult books and those who like their books a little grittier.

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