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Michelle O’ Leary

Published 19/02/2014 by leannecrabtree

As you may know, every so often I like to do a sort of spotlight on author’s that I’ve read and really liked that aren’t as well known as I believe they should be. So far I’ve done Rachel Higginson and Lindsay Buroker.

Today it’s the turn of Michelle O’ Leary.

She’s an author of science fiction romance. I’ve read two of her books so far, The Huntress and Light of Kaska, and really enjoyed both, with No Such Thing still to read.

I’m not the biggest fan of Sci-fi books, I’ll admit. If I do happen to read one, I’m looking for a good romance sub-plot and Michelle’s books have just that. She weaves stories that draw you in and the world building is really detailed. I grew to really care about her characters plights and were happy when things turned out good for them in the end.

If you like sci-fi romances and are looking for a new name in the genre then I suggest you give Michelle O’ Leary a try. I’m certainly looking forward to reading more from the author in the future.

lightofkaska   thehuntress

I was thinking…?

Published 12/08/2013 by leannecrabtree

I was thinking yesterday of letting my readers and other people send me their books/short stories in exchange for an honest review, like I do the more well known authors via NetGalley.

I know how hard it can be to get your books noticed so I’d like to help get the word out. I’m pleased to say that I get a fair few views a month (thank you all!) and my blog is linked to my Facebook page and my Twitter account so the message would reach quite a wide audience. I’m also an avid user of GoodReads and try to review every book I read. If you’d like, I could also post my review to Amazon.

This is just an idea at the minute, mainly because of my already really long reading list (still over 700 books), though it may come to fruition in a couple of months. If you like the idea, keep an eye out for the post, which will be a sticky.

I should say, though, that I only really read romance. It doesn’t have to be all lovey-dovey. It can be a side-plot to a series or a really small part of the story.

So what do we think? A good idea? A bad idea? Would you send me your work for me to review?

Book Review – No Flowers Required

Published 16/05/2013 by leannecrabtree


Name: No Flowers Required

Author: Cari Quinn

Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, Erotica

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

I received this from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The cover and back description drew my attention straight away so when I was gifted this book I started it almost immediately.

It tells the story of Alexa, who has recently become the owner of Divine–a flower shop–after it was left to her in the will of the previous owner, and Dillon, the youngest son of Value Hardware’s owners–the shop Alexa sees as her worst enemy.

During the first chapter we meet the two main characters and see their almost instant attraction to each other which results in a steamy encounter. Pheww… It sets the pace for the rest of the story and we see that whenever they’re around each other sparks fly.

I liked the style of writing and it flowed well throughout and it kept me entertained.

Next review: Soul Stripper by Katana Collins

Still no reviews…

Published 23/09/2012 by leannecrabtree

Well I’ve just checked my Author Central on both .co.uk and .com and still no reviews but i did see that i had received a “like” on both Hugh and Brooke and The Sapphire Diadem (and it wasnt me) on the American site, so I’m glad someone has enjoyed the stories.

Still holding out for the first review though…


Published 05/09/2012 by leannecrabtree

Finished the story yesterday afternoon. Total word count: 14,351.

Uploaded all remaining chapters to SF and now just waiting for them to appear to see how much people liked it and whether i should make it available as an e-book or not.

Now starting work on another story, not sure which one im going to do. Might do the shifter romance, might do one of the many others i have on the go.