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Book Review – Acid

Published 10/07/2013 by leannecrabtree


Name: Acid

Author: Emma Pass

Genre: Young Adult, Dystopian/Futuristic

Release Date: 25th April 2013

Rating: 3½ out of 5 stars

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

A lot of things happen in this book so I’m going to copy the synopsis from GoodReads:

2113. In Jenna Strong’s world, ACID – the most brutal, controlling police force in history – rule supreme. No throwaway comment or muttered dissent goes unnoticed – or unpunished. And it was ACID agents who locked Jenna away for life, for a bloody crime she struggles to remember.

The only female inmate in a violent high-security prison, Jenna has learned to survive by any means necessary. And when a mysterious rebel group breaks her out, she must use her strength, speed and skill to stay one step ahead of ACID – and to uncover the truth about what really happened on that dark night two years ago.

This was a long book and therefore I had to break it up with others but it didn’t take away my intrigue with the book. A lot happened in it and it kept me coming back, if only to read a few pages at a time.

I’ll admit for the first 15% or so I was really interested but then it got a little slow (which was when I started breaking it up with other books) and it was only when I got to around the 50% mark that I got really into it again and quite literally devoured it in a few hours.

The plot was different to anything I’ve ever read and I think it was for that reason that I was so intrigued. How England is being run by an agency that doesn’t allow you to go abroad at all or to leave the city without a valid c-card (I.D). If this is what’s going to happen in the future then God help us…though in another hundred years I think I’ll be long past dead and wont particularly care.

That’s something else I like about this book, the fact it’s set in England (which doesn’t seem to happen so often in the books I read) and we travel from London to Manchester and a few other places 🙂

Jenna is a strong, kick-ass, character and I found myself willing her on whether in prison or out in London and the other areas they visit. I also liked her relationship with Max.

If you like something young adult, dystopian and intriguing then you will love this. It’s certainly different.

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Back to my Kindle

Published 10/06/2013 by leannecrabtree

So after finishing Dreams of a Dark Warrior earlier on (it was amazing! (Immortals After Dark is such a brilliant series and if you haven’t read them yet, I totally recommend you do; if you like paranormal romance, that is)) I’m going back to my kindle to work through my list of ARC’s again. I was going to read Acid by Emma Pass but the file hasn’t come through and neither has Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley (I’m trying to sort this out) so I’ve rearranged my reading list (see tab “Reading List” above) and I’m going for Faking It by Cora Carmack.

faking it

If you’ve been keeping up with my reviews, you’ll have seen I read Losing It also by Cora Carmack a bit ago and loved it and I have high hopes this will be just as good.

Then I’ll be reading Point of Retreat by Colleen Hoover, the second in the Slammed series. The first being Slammed, which I read a while ago. Then there’s a third book, This Girl which I’m going to buy eventually.


After that I’ll be reading a new Urban Fantasy/Shifter series by Amanda Carlson:



By the time I’ve read these, hopefully Acid and Fire Inside will have come through and they will be next on the list 🙂
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