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Still having problems…

Published 22/07/2013 by leannecrabtree

WordPress still isn’t working properly and takes me about five attempts before it even begins to load and another ten minutes before it finishes and I’m able to even try and write a post. Stupid TalkTalk!!

That’s the only reason why I’m not posting things more often. I also received an email earlier about a book I’m reading Beneath the Surface saying they’re looking for bloggers, readers and reviewers to get in contact with reviews to try and get the book noticed so thought I’d post a blog.

I’m only 10% in at the moment but I’m liking it. Kyran is alpha male and Dale just likes winding him up which is resulting in a rather steamy elevator/lift scene…phew!

Book Review – A Terrible Love

Published 08/07/2013 by leannecrabtree


Name: A Terrible Love

Author: Marata Eros

Genre: New Adult, Romance

Release Date: 11th February 2013

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I received this copy in exchange for an honest review.

So this tells the story of Jess aka Jewell, a girl on the run from her rather scary step-brother and family. She attends college far from home, wanting to forget the past and her family and to live a normal life. Her best friend Carlie gets her to audition at a prominent ballet audition and she meets Mitch, a fellow student who takes an interest in her. Also there is a dark handsome stranger who also happens to be a fellow student. For some reason Jess is drawn to Devin and they cant deny their attraction but her best friend tells her he’s trouble, so she tries to have a relationship with Mitch despite being drawn to Devin. What follows is a emotional ride for Jess as she tries to decide which one she wants and what she wants.

I was quickly captivated by this story and the characters and quickly devoured this book.

The story has some dark aspects but they are to be expected in most New Adult books. This one is slightly darker than others and focuses on abuse and violence.

I’ll start by mentioning Devin Castile, I think I fell for him pretty early on or he at least got me a little hot and bothered. Wowzer! Well done for creating such a hot character 😀

Mitch on the other hand seemed sweet and kind but their wasn’t really a spark there. He seemed too much of a gentleman (but some women like that).

I also really liked Brad and Carlie, they were fun characters and I enjoyed the banter they shared with Jess.

Although dark, this is a well written book and having looked on GoodReads I’ve seen their is going to be a second book, A Brutal Tenderness, which sounds like it will tell the story from Devin’s POV. I’ll tell you now I will definitely be interested in seeing things from his view and I’ve marked it as “to-read”.

I really enjoyed it and recommend it to those who like New Adult books and those who like their books a little grittier.

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Book Review – Arrested by Love

Published 15/06/2013 by leannecrabtree


Name: Arrested by Love

Author: Virna dePaul

Genre: Erotica, Romance

Release Date: 27th May 2013

Rating: 3½ out of 5 stars

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

So this contains three stories. All three are about male cops who, whether undercover or in internal affairs have a hot sexy streak in the bedroom. Each one follows one cop on his quest to win over the one who got away. Book 1 is an undercover mission that could be blown if the reporter tells them who he is. Book 2 is a personal mission to get back the woman who left him to marry someone else. Book 3 is another personal mission of getting the woman who turned him down to feel sexy again after being violated in her own home.

Normally when I read erotica, I find the author tends to focus more on the sex than the relationship between the characters (bear in mind, I normally read short erotic stories) but this had a fair dollop of romance as well as some steamy sex scenes. Maybe that was why I liked it more than any other erotica I’ve read.

The characters were likeable, especially Noah in that last story. How he was determined to make her enjoy sex again by giving up all control so she could decided what to do and how. That’s not to say that Ty and Luke aren’t nice guys too because they are. Their women are equally deserving and very lucky to get them.

I only have one thing to say and that’s regarding Ty’s story and how it ended. If you’ve read it, feel free to help me out here. Did they keep the bad guy in jail or did he get out and his second in command blab about Ty’s relationship with Claire?? It just kind of ended with no real explanation. Any help??

Other than that, it was a fun, hot read and if you like undercover cops who are bad (in the good way) in the bedroom then you should read this.

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