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Published 23/04/2014 by leannecrabtree


I’ve just spent the last hour or two making a cover for Charlotte & Sebastian’s paperback edition. I’m really hoping it comes out looking good and un-pixelated, which is the only real reason why Cat’s Wolf isn’t available to buy yet. I might still add a quote or something to it but what do we think? Like it?

Won this via Booklikes

Published 25/03/2014 by leannecrabtree



This came yesterday in the post, an ARC Paperback that I won via Booklikes. I may as well admit that I tried to win a copy via Goodreads but missed out so when I saw it on Booklikes I immediately entered and was lucky enough to win!

About the story:

What happens when you turn eighteen and there are no more tomorrows?
It is the year 2049, and humanity is on the brink of extinction….

Tania Deeley has always been told that she’s a rarity: a human child in a world where most children are sophisticated androids manufactured by Oxted Corporation. When a decline in global fertility ensued, it was the creation of these near-perfect human copies called teknoids that helped to prevent the utter collapse of society.

Though she has always been aware of the existence of teknoids, it is not until her first day at The Lady Maud High School for Girls that Tania realizes that her best friend, Siân, may be one. Returning home from the summer holiday, she is shocked by how much Siân has changed. Is it possible that these changes were engineered by Oxted? And if Siân could be a teknoid, how many others in Tania’s life are not real?

Driven by the need to understand what sets teknoids apart from their human counterparts, Tania begins to seek answers. But time is running out. For everyone knows that on their eighteenth “birthdays,” teknoids must be returned to Oxted—never to be heard from again.



Amazon US: Expiration Day

Amazon UK: Expiration Day

Even more paperbacks!

Published 21/11/2013 by leannecrabtree


So as you probably know by now, I love The Works shop. Cheap paperback books in genre’s I love!

And you can see my purchases from today above (minus Rebel Heart which was from Amazon).

I’ve read most Rachel Caine books (Morganville Vampires, Weather Warden and Revivalists) so why not these two that she wrote almost 10 years ago?

Pushing the Limits is a sort of YA/NA book that I already have waiting on my kindle but I’m trying to build up a NA shelf, so it’s a nice addition to those already on it (and for £1.99 or 3 for £5, how could I resist??)

Rebel Heart follows on from Blood Red Road, which I read while in San Francisco and loved (so I just had to buy it!)

Finally decided…

Published 08/11/2013 by leannecrabtree

…what books to take. And here they are!


So these are the four lucky books I’ve chosen to take away with me. I always seem to do better reading the Morganville Vampire series when I’m abroad so books 13, Bitter Blood, and 14, Fall of Night, are coming with me. Then Blood Red Road is coming because I quite like a dystopia novel every now and then and finally my signed copy of Eversea just to add a bit of none paranormal/sci-fi to the mix.

I have been known to devour books in the down-time between outings while on holiday so you never know, I may end up coming back with more than I went with ;D

I’ll also be taking my notebooks with me, because with no laptop, that’s where my writing happens and hopefully San Francisco will give me plenty of ideas/inspiration for me to get on with books 0.5 and 3 in my Shifter Romance Novella series.

My newer version of Cat’s Wolf arrived!

Published 28/10/2013 by leannecrabtree


So it came on Saturday and I totally forgot about it, until a minute ago. As you can see it’s smaller than the old one. It also has cream pages, page numbers and I’m not sure if you can make it out but my name and the title are on the spine! Big improvement on last time!

Now it’s just the image which is still slightly pixelated and the page numbers continue onto the preview of book 2, Wolf Claimed, that I also added. It’s not major enough for me to go back and change it all again, so I think I may just approve the proof and set it to distribution through Amazon and Createspace.

I don’t think I’ll be doing Wolf Claimed into paperback yet, as I’d like to get a bit of the way into Shifter Romance Novella, #3, which will be Malachi and Ruby’s story. I’m not really into my writing at the minute, though it has a prologue and I’ve started chapter one.

Eversea arrived

Published 17/10/2013 by leannecrabtree

2013-10-17 12.54.20   2013-10-17 12.54.35

So the signed copy of Eversea by Natasha Boyd arrived in the post earlier. Can’t wait to read it. Thank you Laura/Bookish Treasures for the chance to win it 🙂

Now I’m just waiting on Nocturne, which seems like it’s not coming since it will have been 6 weeks on Saturday since I was picked as a winner on Goodreads 😦

And look what came shortly afterward!!

Published 04/10/2013 by leannecrabtree

2013-10-04 12.42.41

Haha! My book has finally arrived 😀

Wow…I have something I’ve written and printed, and it’s in my hand. It’s a strange feeling, really.

It doesn’t quite look like that in real life, though. My phone’s made the colours sharper than they are. It’s grey, not blue, the background of the picture so it doesn’t look as mysterious as the picture makes out.

And you know what? I want to change some things about it now. The size, the font, the page colour, maybe add some page numbers…

But it is quite cool for a first proof copy. I’m still a happy bunny 😀

Lover At Last has just arrived in the post!!

Published 04/10/2013 by leannecrabtree

2013-10-04 12.26.16

O.M.G!! So giddy right now!!!

You may know I’ve been waiting for this book for almost a year now, so to have it in my hands is amazing.

I’ve heard that it doesn’t completely focus on Blay and Quinn’s relationship but after building it up for 10 books, I’m just happy it’s finally arrived and I have it!! It’s just a case of when to read it now. I want to read the two Guild Hunter books I have first, so probably the middle of next week now. But after what is probably almost a year of waiting I’m sure I can wait a little longer…right? 😛

Changes to September Challenge (Goodreads)

Published 13/09/2013 by leannecrabtree

As you may remember I said I was going to read 9 out of the 14 options that they gave us in the challenge. Well, I changed my mind and decided to go all out.

We had to pick book covers which contained these:

Hot Male (I’ll leave you to interpret this one!)
Beautiful Woman
Artistic Cover

So here are the books I picked and in the correct order to correspond with the list:

lordofthevamps craved touched firstbookdemons birthofnyxian revengesweet moondance wrongwaysdownkindred eternitycure briarrose darkcraving turning dieforme

So far I’ve managed 8 out of the 14:

Lord of the Vampires – Gena Showalter 3 out of 5

Craved – Stephanie Nelson  4 out of 5

Touched – A.J. Aalto 5 out of 5

The First Book of Demons – Raquel Dove

The Birth of the Nyxian – Amanda K. Browning DNF

Revenge is Sweet – Misty Evans

Moon Dance – J.R. Rain

Wrong Ways Down – Stacia Kane

Kindred – Erica Stevens 3 out of 5

The Eternity Cure – Julie Kagawa 5 out of 5

Briar Rose – Jana Oliver 4 out of 5

Dark Craving – Donna Grant 3 out of 5

The Turning – Jennifer Armintrout

Die For Me – Amy Plum 3 out of 5