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Published 18/02/2013 by leannecrabtree

Well firstly, i feel kinda bad because i havent posted anything for 10 days and if i did it would be the next chapter, 5 i think, and you’d have had half the story because i’ve been very bad lately and put off writing more because i still have no idea what to do next.

I kinda know what i want to happen but from a room full of shifters (where i am at the minute) to bounties on peoples heads and assassination attempts to the a shifter version of Alcatraz–if you have any good ideas for names for it, please feel free to let me know.

But i havent not been writing. I started three at the same time a week or so ago. One’s a vampire and supernatural hunter who get together after a bit of animosity. Another is “And Baby Makes Three” which as you may have guessed is a story of a night of passion which results in a baby. And the other is a sort of boss and employee thing but that one doesnt seem to be heading anywhere.

I’ve also had a few requests from my fans asking for certain stories and they’re in the works but not happening at the minute.

Ciao for now 😛

Ruby – Part 4 – Complete

Published 03/01/2013 by leannecrabtree


I finally finished it.

I know it’s a bit late, but Part 4 of Ruby is complete and uploaded, should hopefully be available in the next few days 🙂



Not sure what’s gunna come next. Might be “The Shifter Romance” since I had that great idea the other day about a series but it depends how easy the plot comes to me. If not it’ll be another off the list of excerpts or something new, though i suppose i should stop doing that or i’m going to end up with hndreds on the go at once.

Ruby – Story 3

Published 18/12/2012 by leannecrabtree

I uploaded part 3 of Ruby to SF yesterday. Should be up online in the next few days.

Part 4 is about a third done…I’m still unsure how to end it–keep it as just lovers or to go the whole marry me route.

Might base it around Christmas or New Year to tie in with the time of year. It could be fun now i come to think of it…I’ll have to see where it goes though…


We’ll have to see which story i work on next…I’ll need to read through my current ones and see if they flow well enough for more of the plot to come to me. If they dont, well, i might start something new

Ciao for now 😀

I Have to Admit…

Published 10/12/2012 by leannecrabtree

…I havent really been writing much the past couple of days with all the fuss of Christmas i.e. ordering things and them not coming!! But then again, i think they were coming from America, so i should really give it a few more days yet.

I’m currently reading a short story called “Vampire for Christmas” by Felicity Heaton and it’s inspiring me to write one like it–not for Christmas because I’d have no chance of getting it done in time but along the same lines but different obviously.

Ruby part 3 is nearly done so that will be up on SF soon but since i’m not getting much feedback im not sure how it’s going down with the readers…

I’m also attempting to do “London” which will be the third part in the four dancers series but it’s slow going at the minute.  Part 4 will be Moscow, i think.

I did a few more paragraphs in the *Shifter Romance* too. If I’m honest, I’m sure that story could go for a long time but I think I’ll try and keep to the usual twelve chapters. Thinking on it now, it could turn into a series…Misha and Brent…hmm… Tito and some woman that comes into the series in the second one….

Anyhow, ciao for now 😀

I’m Back…

Published 22/11/2012 by leannecrabtree


Well, Vegas was interesting…

I’ll start by saying me and my mum like to explore and find local shops which we can shop forever in, like Payless Shoes and Conways in New York.

Vegas wasnt like that, although we did find a shop called Ross, which we liked.

It was all about the Casino’s which is fine if you like to gamble and i must admit it was quite addictive by the end–i did win my fair share of money off $1 bets :P–but the Casino’s were really interesting to explore, though we didnt go in everyone because their are too many and the Stratosphere was a bit too far away to walk down to the Strip everyday (and sometimes too expensive in cab fares).

We did make it into The Bellagio, New York New York, Treasure Island, The Mirage, Circus Circus, Encore/Wynn (where we got a free club card) and the Stratosphere and all were magical places to explore. The rest we just walked past and I took loads of photos.

We also booked to see a show, Zumanity, which you may have heard of. It’s the sensual side of cirque du soleil. It was fun and i enjoyed it but im so glad i wasnt on the floor and up in the balcony, because they wanted audience participation and, well, it might have been a bit embarrassing…

As far as inspiring me goes, it kinda worked as i started writing one about a girl, Macey, who’s there with her friend, Eric, who she fancies and his friend, Garrett, who she doesnt particuarly like. They’re watching “The Sirens” performance at Treasure Island when she get’s seperated from Eric but still with Garrett and it’s only after the performance when he comes back, a huge silly grin on his face. He’s got a girl’s number and is thinking he’ll get lucky tonight. Macey’s hurt but tries to hide it and when he asks if Garrett can sleep in her room that night, she grudgingly agrees. Anyway, Eric sees more of the girl over their ten day holiday and Macey spends more time with Garrett, they explore, have fun, and just get to know each other better and that’s about as far as my plot for it runs at the minute…

P.S. Ruby did get worked on but im not altogether sure the first story is finished yet…

Plot updates

Published 22/10/2012 by leannecrabtree

Well over the weekend i concentrated on “The Concubine” and wrote about 5/6 pages in my notebook (A5 size) and it’s going good, will be transferring that to my laptop soon and will probably add some more stuff to it when i do to flesh it out a bit more.

“Masquerade” wise, chapter 9 is almost done and began work on chapter 10 since i know what direction it’s going to go, so im happy with that. Have a feeling it will be done within the next week or so, hopefully before i go on holiday.

Word count: 17, 141/ 33 pages

I’ve been conc…

Published 16/10/2012 by leannecrabtree

I’ve been concentrating on Masquerade for the past day or so and chapter 8 is half done. I’ve decided to ignore the prologue (as it doesnt happen before the story, but during) and will use it as part of a later chapter.

I’m qute giddy about it too because it’s turning into the longest story i’ve written. I just hope people enjoy it when i finish it.

Word count: 14,840/ 29 A4 pages

Think I’ll go back to The Concubine after and maybe try and do “the shifter romance” or the “spy-y romance”.

Ciao for now 😀


Published 12/10/2012 by leannecrabtree

Well now I’ve gone back to Masquerade–though i think i may have to change it’s name because there’s only one masquerade party and that’s at the beginning–mainly because it’s nearly finished and for my fans on SF, who i need to inform om my blog on here and my facebook page :/

As for The Concubine, I’m working on that in my notebook again as it seems to flow easier onto the page than onto the computer.

And Ruby…well thats on a slow burn at the minute, i keep adding bits but i have a feeing it may take a bit of time for me to get into because it’s not quite my writing style but I’m sure that if i gave it all my attention it could go well…

I might even end up going back to an older story or start a new one yet, seems im still undecided…

Next Story

Published 13/09/2012 by leannecrabtree

Right, well since the next story nearest completion is my spy-y romance, I’m concentrating on that for the next few days. I’m once again struggling with the sex scenes but if i dont count them, the stories almost finished :/

Then again, I’m not sure what to do about the ending, that’s something else i seem to struggle with but I must say i was proud of how i finished *The Prostitute Romance*/Hugh and Brooke (whatever name you might know it as) and that i havent had any complaints about it yet, but as of a minute ago when i checked i’d only had 97 reads on it.

Ciao for now


Published 07/09/2012 by leannecrabtree

Well the mix up with the chapters has been sorted, big thank you to Kristian at SF 😀 So the story should now read correctly.



Before i started writing my stories on my laptop i used to write in my numerous notebooks (above) and i decided to find them out this morning to see if there were any good plots in them.

Since some of them were written when i was about 14/15 years old i was surprised by how good they were and I’ve started writing some of them up on Word to see how far they’ll go before i hit that proverbial brick wall.

Ciao for now.