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I’m giddy!

Published 21/05/2013 by leannecrabtree


I think I may have finished *Shifter Romance*. I have literally just finished writing Chapter 17 and I think it fits quite nicely into 18. 19’s a little short but at almost two pages it’s not so bad. The epilogue has only just been started but I know what I’m going to write in it so does that mean it’s finished? If not actually.


Anyway, I have sent it off to my lovely author friend, Natalie Herzer, for her to read through to see if she likes it and to make sure I haven’t made a big mistake somewhere in it and then I’ll upload the rest of the chapter to here and and then when I get a fitting title in mind I’ll upload it to Amazon and hope people will like it 😀

Ruby – Story 3

Published 18/12/2012 by leannecrabtree

I uploaded part 3 of Ruby to SF yesterday. Should be up online in the next few days.

Part 4 is about a third done…I’m still unsure how to end it–keep it as just lovers or to go the whole marry me route.

Might base it around Christmas or New Year to tie in with the time of year. It could be fun now i come to think of it…I’ll have to see where it goes though…


We’ll have to see which story i work on next…I’ll need to read through my current ones and see if they flow well enough for more of the plot to come to me. If they dont, well, i might start something new

Ciao for now 😀

A Few Things (Well, two…)

Published 04/11/2012 by leannecrabtree

Firstly, my blog has never been viewed as much since i put the link up on Chapter 1 of The Party Planner so thank you for taking the time to visit 😀

And secondly, I’m now on goodreads, so if anyone’s a member and read any of my 5 published stories; Hugh and Brooke, The Sapphire Diadem, Bring Me To Life, Spring Creek Romance (Childhood Enemies & Tammy’s Story) or Her Daughter’s Fiancé before they were deleted from, then please rate them…

Thanks again 😀


Published 26/10/2012 by leannecrabtree

Finally finished “Masquerade”, though it is now called “The Party Planner”.

Twelve chapters and an epilogue.

I’ve uploaded it to Short-Fiction and hopefully it will be appearing in the next few days for people to enjoy. So glad i finished it.


Total end word count: 24,570/ 48 pages

Will now probably be concentrating on “The Concubine” but as you know by now, I’m prone to changing my mind.

Ciao for now 😛

Published 24/10/2012 by leannecrabtree

Chapter 11 nearly done now and then i think one more after that and maybe an epilogue to finish and the story will be done.

Just need to give it a full read to see if it flows well and isnt too boring in places and then i’ll upload it to Short Fiction and see what people think.

Word count: 21,426/ 42 pages