Angry Sex 1 – AKA Provoked

This is a chapter out of my latest story. It’s rather in-your-face sexy/erotic/naughty so if you don’t like that sort of thing then I suggest you ignore this page and head back to the Home Page.

Chapter 5

Standing in front of her mirror later that night she admired her handiwork.
The red dress was to die for. As soon as she’d seen it in the boutique window on the way home she’d had to have it. When she’d tried it on in the little dressing room it fit her like a glove, hugging all her curves and contours.
Catching sight of the price label she’d almost taken it off and left the shop, never to think of it again, but then she’d remembered her plan and she’d reasoned it away. She could afford it at a push.
Now she was once again glad that she’d bought it. With her dark hair and lightly tanned skin, it turned her into a siren. There was no way Kaden would be able to resist her.
Sitting on the edge of her bed she picked up the stockings and slid her feet into them one by one and enjoyed the feeling of the luxuriousness of the material against her skin. Pulling up the hem of her dress she attached the stockings to her suspenders and then inched the hem back down to check the full effect of the outfit. The tops of the stockings were just about visible.
Getting to her feet she attached the back two clips and then smoothed her dress down her thighs.
Her attention caught on her hair. It was currently running in loose waves down her back but she remembered the attention he’d lavished on her throat and neck during their previous sex fests and decided that maybe she’d pin it up to tempt him a little more. The more skin she had on show the better, it just had to be a little subtler than normal.
A few minutes later she’d pinned her dark waves up in a messy but sexy up-do, leaving a few stray strands to fall around her face but leaving her neck bare.
Her phone buzzed on her dresser and she glanced down at the screen. It was Kaden. Her eyes moved to the top corner of the screen. 8:07. Her lips curled as she ignored the call and carried on getting ready.
She’d already applied most of her make up for the evening, dark smoky eyes, lots of mascara and a fine layer of foundation and powder to give her skin a soft glow. All that was left was the red lipstick and she spent a good minute getting it perfect.
She needed to look amazing tonight.
Happy with the look, she capped the lipstick and dropped it in her small handbag. She might need to reapply it at some point tonight.
Slipping her feet into her red and black shoes, she almost felt naughty. She looked the part, now she just had to act it.
Heading downstairs she saw her taxi was already waiting and wasted no time heading into the cool night and the back seat of the car.
“Desmond’s, please.”
The older driver nodded at her request and they set off into the night. It didn’t take as long as she’d thought to get to the exclusive restaurant and she gave the cabby a twenty and told him to keep the change.
She climbed out of the car and headed inside. It was pretty busy but she’d expected it to be so. Walking to the maitre d’, who was stood between the bar area and the restaurant, she smiled. “Hi, I’m supposed to be meeting someone but I got stuck in traffic and I’m quite late,” she lied.
“What name is it?”
“Kaden Richards.”
The man didn’t even check his book on the stand, just nodded. “This way, please.”
They headed through the door to the restaurant side and meandered through the various tables. She could feel the attention of almost every guy in the room on her as she followed the older man. It was a heady experience knowing she had that kind of power over them.
It was then she spotted Kaden a few tables in front of her. His jaw had dropped open and he was staring at her in wonder.
The clink of something metal hitting crockery at the next table over broke his attention away from her and she watched as he glanced across at the guy who’d dropped them. He frowned when he saw the guy looking in her direction and then looked around the almost silent dining room, at all the guys staring at her in lust and awe, and his frown turned into a scowl.
He wasn’t happy with everyone looking at her.
They finally reached the table and the older man pulled out her chair for her. She smiled in thanks and even his cheeks pinkened a little at the attention. He set a menu in front of each of them and then departed.
“You’re late,” he growled in greeting.
Paige smiled. “I got stuck in traffic.”
His eyes narrowed, disbelieving.
She picked up the menu and perused the prices, deciding to ignore him for a while. She wanted some of the most expensive items she could find.
“Have you decided?” He asked after several minutes.
Glancing at him over the top of the menu, she watched for his reaction, “I’ll have the prawn cocktail for starters and the lemon sole with salad for my main. And for desert, I’ll have the chocolate cake with Chantilly cream.”
Kaden’s eyes locked with hers and she smiled. She had a feeling he knew what she was up to.
A young waitress appeared at their table, pad and pen ready in hand to take their order. “Have you decided what you’re having this evening?” Her eyes ran up and down Kaden appreciatively but she didn’t say or do anything suggestive.
“Can we have the prawn cocktail and duck spring rolls for our appetisers? And then I’d like the boeuf bourgingnon and my date would like the lemon sole with salad.”
The waitress scribbled their order down, “And for drinks?”
“A glass of champagne for me, please,” Paige said.
“I’ll have a small JD.”
Nodding, she said, “I’ll be right back with your drinks. The food should be done in about twenty minutes; we’re pretty busy tonight.”
“That’s fine, thank you.”
She headed off to get their drinks and Paige stood, deliberately letting her clutch drop to the floor from her lap. “Oops,” she said, and then turned her back on Kaden to bend from the waist to pick it up. She felt the dress slide up her thighs and was pretty sure her underwear and suspenders were on show.
A strangled sound left him and she grinned. Grabbing the bag from the floor she stood back up and headed for the restrooms, never looking back.
Once in the bathroom she checked her reflection in the wall of mirrors above the sinks. Her hair and make-up were still perfect so she had no reason to reapply anything. She hung around for a few more minutes, letting him think about what he’d just seen, and then headed back out.
She saw him wince as she approached and reposition himself in his chair. He hadn’t seen her yet and she let herself grin at taunting him so effectively. She quickly dropped the smile when he glanced up and saw her heading back. He stopped shifting in his seat entirely, seeming to not want her to know how much she was affecting him.
He cleared his throat. “So, when I phoned earlier you were at work?”
Paige nodded. “I work several times a week at an office block downtown as a secretary. What do you do for a living?”
“I’m in business.”
The same waitress as earlier appeared at their side with their drinks on a tray and set them down with a smile. “I’m sorry about earlier,” the girl said to Kaden, and then addressed them both, “If you need anything just raise a hand and someone will be over as soon as possible.” She headed off to another table, being the perfect waitress.
Paige stared after the girl for a second wondering what she was apologising for, then decided to let it go. “Business? Interesting,” she drawled.
“Not really.” He didn’t seem to want to discuss it and she felt a twinge of disappointment.
Then she remembered why she was here.
He didn’t want to get to know her. She had to remember that. It was just sex between them. She was his second choice here tonight. He’d made reservations and his date pulled out. She was his back up. That was all.
Paige just had to make him see what he was missing out on, and she intended to do just that.
Right now.
Slipping off her stiletto, she extended her foot under the table until her toes brushed his knee. She felt his twitch of surprise beneath her foot and fought to hide her smile as his gaze jumped to hers.
“Who was your date tonight?” She asked.
“A pretty young thing from where I work,” he answered, a slight tremor to his voice as she ran her foot up the inside of his thigh slowly.
Was he saying she wasn’t pretty?
“Is she blonde? Brunette? Tall? Short?” She kept her face blank, not betraying anything as she finally made it to his cock and started rubbing her foot up and down. His knee jerked in surprise, hitting the underside of the table and the cutlery clinked.
“Blonde,” he growled out, his eyes blazing blue fire at her across the table. He was vowing retribution for getting him hard in a very public restaurant. “Above average height.”
Paige hated her already.
Her foot pressed a little harder and he shifted in his seat, his face a little flushed, his breathing growing unsteady.
It was only as their waitress was heading towards them with a tray full of food that she pulled away and slipped her foot back into her shoe.
“One duck spring roll and one prawn cocktail,” she announced cheerily and set the food down in front of them.
Kaden reached for his drink and downed it in one. “Can I have another one of these?”
“Sure. Enjoy your food.”
Paige fully intended to and picked up her fork, stabbing it into a small juicy prawn.
“If you think I’m not going to get you back for that, Paige, you’re wrong,” he warned.
She couldn’t help but grin at him as she placed the prawn in her mouth and sucked off the sauce, making a big show of doing it.
His eyes blazed as they watched her mouth. She licked her lips to get the excess sauce and let out a little moan. The table jerked a little as he suddenly shifted in his seat. She was enjoying this way too much but she had to admit; she was looking forward to his payback.

An hour later, meal eaten, Paige was ready to leave.
The tension between them had been building throughout the evening after her little under table play and eating her food like she was mimicking sex. She was almost afraid of what he might do. He hadn’t hinted at anything since his little threat and she was a little nervous now the meal was over with.
The waitress placed the bill on the table and then disappeared again.
Now was probably a good time to leave, she thought, and rose from the table. Kaden’s hand shot out and manacled her right wrist. Their eyes met. “Where do you think you’re going?”
He shook his head slowly. “We have a score to settle; a little payback.”
Paige managed to pull her wrist from his grip, though she knew it was only due to him allowing it, and quickly walked through the restaurant.
He caught up to her near the restrooms and spun her into his arms, his mouth taking hers in a brutal but passionate kiss that had her legs turning to jelly. She had no resistance to his kisses and wrapped her arms around his neck. He bit at her bottom lip and her nails dug into his scalp.
Lowering his hands to the backs of her thighs he lifted her into his arms and she wrapped her legs around him. He walked a few steps and pushed open a door. They broke the kiss long enough to see the where they were.
Male restroom.
“Everyone get the fuck out!” There was a moment of silence as the two males currently in the room stared at him with her wrapped around him in shock. “Now!”
The two men quickly left and he was immediately back to devouring her mouth. She groaned at the feel of him between her thighs. That was when he started a low grinding with his pelvis. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she gasped. He pulled back to watch her face and swore under his breath.
Her back slammed into the door and his left hand grabbed her chin almost gently. There was nothing gentle about the kiss he gave her, it was intense and passionate. Paige felt his other hand slide down her side and head between her thighs. She cried out when he rubbed against the damp material of her panties. He applied more pressure and she started panting against his lips. “Shit,” she whispered.
He swore again and she heard something rip. The material between her legs gave way with the force of his tug and she watched as he stuffed the scrap of material in his jacket pocket. His hand quickly got back to work, stroking up the inside of her thigh until he reached the apex and began stroking her folds.
Paige clutched at his nape as he brushed her clit with his thumb, her nails leaving little crescents in his skin. Seeing the reaction to his touch on her face, he circled her clit fully and applied more pressure. Her thighs clenched around him and she let out a low moan as he stroked her relentlessly.
Kaden’s mouth lowered to her jaw to lick and nibble at her skin while his fingers continued to play between her legs. Fingers threading into his hair, she held him close as her hips writhed against his touch.
Her breaths were growing uneven as her pleasure grew and she swore again. She felt one of his fingers press inside her and Paige’s muscles clenched around it. He groaned against her skin and bit down none too gently on her throat. She hissed in a shocked breath and tightened her fingers in his hair.
He began a slow in and out movement and she bit her lip. One finger turned into two and he started a faster rhythm, pumping his fingers into her heat, occasionally accompanied by his thumb on her clit. Senseless sounds escaped her as he drove her closer to the edge.
Paige felt her body tense ready for the onslaught of her orgasm but Kaden’s hands left her and she cried out in dismay, reaching for his hand which was travelling up her stomach towards her breasts. “More,” she whispered, pressing his fingers back between her thighs. He toyed with her, circling but never touching. “Kaden,” she cried, frustrated.
Kaden’s mouth took hers in a heated kiss that had her toes curling in her shoes. Pulling away, he ordered, “Beg.”
Glaring at him, she reached down between their bodies and started stroking his rigid length. His whole body tensed and then shuddered. Kaden’s fingers got back to work between her legs and she rode his fingers, her hand continuing to stroke his length all the while.
Mutual pleasuring could be damn hot.
Feeling herself nearing the peak of her orgasm but unable to reach it, she found herself begging, “Kaden…please. I need…”
She didn’t get to finish her sentence. Kaden carried her over to the sink and set her on the edge, spreading her thighs wide. He brought the fingers he’d had inside of her up to his mouth and licked her juices off them, emitting a low growl.
Paige’s body shuddered at the image. Was there anything hotter than this man right now?
Dropping to his knees on the floor, he pushed her thighs wider still and gave her his bad boy grin.
Okay, that was hot too.
Kaden buried his head between her thighs and used everything in his arsenal; tongue, lips, teeth, to tease her. Fastening her fingers back in his hair she let her head drop back against the mirror and rode his mouth like she had his fingers moments before.
He was a master at this.
Already she was so close. His tongue was licking her clit while his fingers were back at work inside her. Her body writhed on the counter.
She was panting like she’d run a marathon. “Kaden. Kaden. Kaden,” she chanted between puffs.
His fingers did something inside her and she was there, soaring high into the sky on a wave of pleasure so strong she was sure she was going to black out from it. She remembered screaming his name.
Paige was vaguely aware of him saying something in her ear as he picked her up and carried her into a stall. He slammed the door and slid the lock home.
Settling her on the back of the toilet, he kept one arm around her still recovering body and unzipped his pants with his free hand and pushed them down his hips. He was commando and at the sight of his rock hard cock she let out a low moan, wanting to taste it.
He must have seen her intention written on her face because he stepped closer. “If you don’t stop looking at me like that, I’m never going to get inside you,” he warned. “And I really want to fucking get inside you right now.”
Grabbing her hips he positioned her so that she was where he wanted her and then out of nowhere he had a condom in his hand. He rolled it on in seconds and then he was nudging at her entrance. He stopped and she glanced up at him to see he was watching her. The moment their eyes met, he pressed forward and she gasped as he stretched her.
“Fuck!” He hissed. “You’re so fucking tight.”
Setting into a punishing rythym she gasped with each thrust as her body quickly built towards its second orgasm. She grabbed his face and pulled his face to hers for another bone melting kiss, his tongue mimicking what his lower body was doing to hers.
Realeasing him she let her hands wander his body, wishing fervently that he was naked so she could touch him and brand him as hers. She knew he was magnificent.
His hand wandered back down her body and drew small circles on her inner thigh. Her legs trembled, already stimulated beyond her control.
“I’m so close.”
He grunted, “Me too. Come with me.”
Moving his hand higher, he pressed his thumb against her clit and she exploded, her body going back into that freefall sensation, her muscles clamping down hard on his cock and moaning his name.
He swore heatedly and then she felt him pulse inside her, his whole body quaking as his orgasm ripped through him. His body slumped against her and he dropped his head into the crook of her neck.
There was a slight thud from outside their stall and she felt him tense against her. They listened for signs of anyone being in the room with them but it was all silent.
Paige felt a bubble of laughter build in her chest and she giggled—actually giggled—at the thought of someone entering the room as they were in the middle of their orgasm. Some of the noises they’d been making had hardly seemed human.
Kaden pulled out of her and she shivered at the loss. He removed the condom and tied it in a knot. Pulling up his trousers he tucked himself back in and zipped them up.
It was then he turned his attention to her and gently lifted her off the toilet and set her on her feet. Her legs wobbled and he kept a hold of her waist. He grinned at her lack of composure and pulled the hem of her dress down for her.
“That was certainly worth the blue balls throughout the meal,” he told her. She grinned at his comment. “Your plan worked,” he added.
“Thought it might.”
Kaden’s thumbed brushed back and forth at her waist. “Why don’t you come to mine on Friday? We could do something as hot as this at my place.”
“That’s a tempting offer. So tempting I can’t refuse.”
He smiled and unlocked the door. “Then I’ll see you Friday.”
With one last smile at him, she left the stall.
Friday couldn’t come soon enough.


Copyright © Leanne Crabtree 2016

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