Hugh & Brooke

Please note: Contains some swearing which may offend some people.

He sighed at length and turned down the small side street that led to his flat. The street lights were few and far between but from what he could see, the street looked deserted. Setting off at a brisk walk, he flinched when a car door was thrown open beside him and a woman clambered out, seething at the man inside, “You pervert! No woman wants to do that, no matter how much you pay her!”

“Then I want my money back!”

“No way, asshole.” She slammed the door and the car’s tyres screeched as it shot off down the street. “Pervert!” She shouted after it.

A second later, she smoothed her mid-length dark hair behind her ears and then her hands moved down over her black leather mini-skirt and fishnet tights—or were they stockings?—before she turned.

Hugh got his first good look at the girl and was flabbergasted. She was beautiful with her big green eyes, fine bone structure and perfect bow lips. Her body wasn’t too thin, curving in all the right places and her clothes showed off all her best assets: breasts and legs. The only thing he could find wrong with her was her use of too much make-up. It made her look older than she was which he’d guess at being early to mid-twenties.

Her eyes widened when she saw him and then she smiled.  “Hey,” she breathed.

“Hey,” he echoed. His eyes roved her body looking for any sign of injury and found none. “Are you alright?”

“Me, I’m fine.” She waved vaguely over her shoulder, “He was just a perverted fuck, wanted me to do something to him that even I wouldn’t want anyone to do to me.” She shivered in revulsion. Her smile returned a moment later and she gave him a flirtatious flutter of her lashes, “Can I do anything for you, sugar?”

Hugh gave her a thorough once over. What was such a beauty doing being a prostitute? Such a waste, he thought.

He shook his head and lowered it as he moved past her. “No, thanks.”

“Pity,” she called after him, “you’re hot enough to get me cheap. Maybe even for free?”

Chuckling softly to himself, he shook his head again as he walked away. As he turned the corner, he glanced back to see her bent from the waist, talking to someone in a car which had pulled up. He frowned as she reached for the door handle and pulled it open. Her gaze found his and held it boldly as she lowered herself into the car.

Showing him she wasn’t ashamed of what she did for a living?

Hugh looked away and continued his journey home.

What did it matter what the girl did? She wasn’t anything to him.

Leanne Crabtree © 2012

The full story can we found here or here

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